FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taking It To The Streets...

Any Doobie Brothers fans out there? (Neither am I, it's just the perfect title for today's post!) Anyway, my hip/thigh muscle is still weird. I obviously pushed myself too hard on the treadmill on Tuesday and effed it up! But I only feel a twinge here and there when I lean on the right side of my leg, like when you get in the car or lounge on the couch on that side with my legs crossed... make any sense? I have no problems walking or going up and down stairs or doing the elliptical... So yesterday I decided to attempt a run outside and see how my leg felt. No problems whatsoever!

Sorry it's so dark- that's 3 miles in 28:41!

According to my Garmin I ran 3 miles, but when I went to www.mapmywalk.com and also mapped it out on www.dailymile.com they came up with 3.12 miles. I will definitely take that! I am striving for a 5k under 30:00, but 29:00 sounds even better! I think I may just be converting to an outdoor runner! Now to start adding some mileage and really training for my half in October!


  1. Nice and speedy! I did my three in 28:46 today - whew, I felt that effort!

  2. Great job! I did my first 5k last week and just wanted to do it under 40. Now I will set my goal to under 35!

    1. That's awesome! I couldn't run my entire 5k and finished in 42:42. My next 5k is 6/2...