FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, August 13, 2016

44 and 11 Months

One month until the big 4-5. *GULP* Charlie will be 50 exactly one week later. Where the hell did the time go?!? We are together since I am 19! There's no way we've lived 26 years. I mean, my kids keep getting older, but I don't *feel* it! Well, other than the heel pain and the creaking, cracking joints, and the grey roots and crow's feet... I still think I just got out of high school.

Speaking of getting out of high school- my youngest graduated! Now I have TWO college kids in the house! Boggles my mind! We had her graduation party out which was great. The only stress I had was picking up the cake on a busy Sunday afternoon and decorating the private room at the restaurant. I was relaxing the night before and I was home sitting on the couch watching the Olympics when we got home. Easy Peasy.

So proud of Chelsea and her accomplishments!

The Bronx 10 Miler is 6 weeks away and the Staten Island Half is 8 weeks away. I've been working hard. If I am not running I am climbing flights of stairs on the Stairmaster and getting my 10,000+ steps in daily. And when I *am* running at least one of those weekly runs have been in Selden, on the hills. I used to think the people who trained on that course were nuts. Why intentionally do that to yourself when you can run nice and easy on the treadmill or in your own neighborhood? And then you go to any of our umpteen local races and you witness the sea of red shirts flying by, almost every age group award category dominated by a Selden Hills Warrior. Running hills can make you a better runner.

my hills PR splits in September with elevation gains and losses

My friends and I have found our own little niche out there. We aren't as fast as most of the group, but we're doing what we can, and together, which makes it enjoyable. Just walking the 6.2 miles is a feat. My friend Laurie and I have even attempted the 15k course, (790 ft elevation gain), which we really weren't prepared for. Next time we will bring more water or money for beverages. Our friend Kim was like a mirage in the desert when she pulled up in her car offering ice cold water! It has been incredibly hot and humid here, like most of the country, and I sweat like a mo fo on any regular given day. Add humidity and I become a flipping mess. It was a sad, slow 9.35 miles, but we did it. We may even be crazy enough to attempt it again this week.

This s what pure misery looks like!

The most exciting news is From Fat to Finish Line was released on iTunes and Amazon! And people are loving it! It's been great to hear from family and friends how much they enjoyed it and most importantly were inspired by the message of the film. Hard work and determination can lead you to any finish line you are dreaming of!!