FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Burn Out

There's a reason why you shouldn't run or workout every day. I realize that now. After running every day in March and hitting my all-time monthly mileage high of 91 miles, along with doing Insanity the entire month, I indeed burned out. I couldn't wait to have a rest day. My mind and body were utterly spent. So, what did I do? I rested. A lot. Too much. My running mileage for THIS month? A grand total of 30 miles. To say that I'm feeling unprepared for my half marathon on 5/5 is an understatement.

I did actually attempt the first week of Month 2 of Insanity. Longer workouts with some crazy moves. Dare I say, it was fun? But my body just couldn't take the pounding. Well, specifically, my right heel couldn't take the plyo. I never had an issue with my feet or knees or hips before. I guess all of the March activity was the perfect storm for something to go wrong. The pain is worse in the morning, so I kind of walk around like Frankenstein, not moving my ankle at all until everything has warmed up and loosened a bit. I decided I had had enough and went to my local running store.

The Sayville Running Company is only 20 minutes from my house. duh. When I stood on the footbalance analyzer my footprint looked like Fred Flintstone's. My arch is pretty non-existent. When I drew what it looked like, Charlie said, "So you have paws?" (Hysterical.) Surprise! I overpronate. The salesman brought out 3 different pairs of stability shoes- Brooks, Asics and Saucony. I tried them all on and decided on the Saucony Stabil CS 2. Why can't they be just a BIT more attractive? There are rainbow colored, tie-dyed shoes out there. None of them for me.

I took them for a couple short runs and they feel fine. Our long run on Sunday didn't go so well, though. I have a feeling that now that I have the right shoes, other parts of my legs are feeling the effects. I struggled with the same 7.5 miles I had run the week before, but pushed myself to run/walk another 1.5 miles to hit 9. We have 1 more long run tomorrow, hopefully 10 miles, before our half next week! Again, I'm not overly confident about this race. My high-falutin goal is to come in under 2:25. Right now, just beating my old time of 2:29:51 by 1 second would be an accomplishment. We shall see. I am looking forward to crossing the finish line with Charlie and sharing his first half with him, though.

So while I'm contending with this heel issue and feeling a bit worn down, what do I do? Why, enter the 2013 NYC Marathon lottery, of course! Isn't that what you do when you're struggling with a 9 mile run? Push the finish line just 17 miles further down the road?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


You train for months and years. You qualify. You either run fucking fast or you are running with your heart for a charity you believe in. The checklist is long. Race bib. Race outfit. Socks. Sneakers. Fluids and fuel. You're most likely from out of town and had to travel to get to the start line. You've dreamed about this day for what seems like forever. You worried about dehydrating, cramping up, getting the grippers, shin splints, blisters, chafing, passing out... Not once on your mind was the thought of not finishing because of a bomb exploding at the finish line. Not in my darkest thoughts had I ever thought that would be a possibility. But it was a reality yesterday. Mile 26 of the Boston Marathon. Forever changed by such an evil act.

26,000 runners, tens of thousands of spectators, the entire world. Disbelief. Anger. Sadness.

I'm running today. I'm running because I can. I'm running for those who can't. I'm running to pay tribute to a city and a sport that will not be stopped by this senseless tragedy.

I am a runner. 
I may have not qualified this year. 
I may have qualified and not run. 
I may have been injured and unable to go. 
I may have never qualified.
And, my heart is in Boston today.

April 15, 2013 (via Shannon Neinas) 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Have A Frickin' Winner!

I've been really busy this week with a few different things as well as work, but I wanted to make sure you all knew I picked a winner!!! Congratulations to Jill!! In response to my question, "What is a goal that you are working toward?", Jill replied:

"I suppose I have 2 goals that I am working on: 1. to lose weight and 2. running a half marathon in April. I suppose goal number 2 is helping me with goal number 1!"

Keep training and stay focused on your goals and I'm sure you will accomplish both, Jill! Check your e-mail for my notification so you can send me your address! This package will soon be on its way to you!