FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

So, this was the first year that the "Easter Bunny" did not hide chocolate eggs and leave a note for the kids as to how many and what color eggs they should find. (Charlie would always find the obvious ones so quickly and we would have to stop him so he didn't find them ALL!) I think at 15 and 13, it's about time. Charlie said we should just find different hiding spots, but then we'd need a master list of WHERE we hid them so we find them all and Molly doesn't!

I always get my husband some candy. He can use the extra calories! Dark chocolate dipped Peeps! I hope someone is willing to share with me!

I've already eaten a Snickers Peanut Butter egg and a few Reese's mini cups. They were ok, nothing spectacular. I still have to make my deviled eggs and the pizza pinwheels to bring to my parents house this afternoon. The spinach dip and Nana's Applecake were made yesterday. I should have bought a veggie platter! DUH! Maybe my dad made some (fingers crossed).

After an 8 mile run and bloody nips, I still pulled it together and did my Insanity workout at 5 pm yesterday. Walking is a bit harder today and my back is a bit stiff. I don't plan on doing the workout before I go to my parents, depends on how busy I am. Will I come home from my parents' house tonight and do it? It's a nice thought...


  1. Just sitting here bloated on the couch thinking about the 5 mile run I need to get out and do ... too ... many .. peanut ... butter ... eggs!
    How are those nips healing?

    1. I hit the Reese's hard, too! I think that might be why I had such a crappy night's sleep! Nips are fine. My husband wants to know how that could happen. I guess he's not brushed up on the whole "friction" subject. The sad thing is they're small and deflated now, so you wouldn't think it would be a problem!