FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WAAAHHHH!! Wednesday

Aunt Flo visited and left with me with an extra pound, the bitch! And I had a good week so I even painted my toe nails to prettify my weigh-in, thinking it was going to be a good one. My belly feels especially flabby and not bloated, so I was thinking this was it! Oh well...

On a happier note, my husband told me on Saturday that we are actually shopping for a car for me! Usually I get his hand-me-down and he gets the new vehicle, but he doesn't want me driving around in his jallopy, so this is my first "new" (we only buy "pre-owned" but it'll be new to me!) car since I bought my Cougar in 1994!!! Before that I bought my sister's Mazda 323 for a steal. After the Cougar I drove two Oldsmobile 89s, two Lincoln Continentals and now my Hyundai. We're going this afternoon to shop some more. I REALLY have my eye on this one car and I'm hoping and praying we get it today!!

                                                          MY LIFE IN VEHICLES:

Mine was gold and totalled in front of my house when an idiot rammed into the back pulling away from my neighbor's.  Paid my sister $800, got $1,700 when it was totalled! (1993)

This was a hot car (at the time)! (1994)

Our first 89 was red and our second was white. Good family vehicles- Charlie came home from the hospital in this car and Chelsea came home in the white one! (1996)

Our first Lincoln was grey, the second was gold with the nice sun roof. The air suspension went on the gold one and you felt like you were in one of those low-rider cars with the bouncing hydraulics! HORRIBLE! (2000-2006)

I've been driving this since 2006! Time for something new!

I hope I can write a post about the new car VERY SOON!!!


  1. Congrats on the new car. It's always new if it's new to you...! They are so clean, no crackers crushed in the seats....doesn't smell like a hockey bag. Very, very nice ;-).

    Don't sweat the weight...you will get there. Frustrating when you plateau though....maybe add something a little different to your routine to jump start your metabolism again?

  2. Cant wait to hear about your new car and what you get. Are you going to name it?

    Sorry Aunt Flo left you with an extra pound. Hopefully you can ditch it quickly. She is a bitch when it comes to giving you things you dont want.

  3. A new car, how exciting!!

    Time to disown Aunt Flo! :-)

  4. Let's kill Aunt flo! You hold her ankles and I'll get her arms! I'm so excited to see what car you pick!

  5. Believe me, I will be SO excited the day she leaves FOR GOOD! I have my tubes tied, so she truly is pointless! However, being of Italian descent, I'm not looking forward to excess facial hair (like I need more than what I have already!).