FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

So I never got around to that 8 mile run this weekend. I did workout at the gym for an hour on Saturday, which I feel good about, but then, on Sunday, there was a blood drive in our parish center, so I decided to donate for the two free Mets tickets. I'm a Yankee fan, but our son likes them, so it would be nice for him and his father to go on an all boys outing together.

I sent my kids home with my parents and I filled out the donor form. I got my health screening done (my blood pressure was 128/70, a long way from where it was when I was obese!) and then got in another line for donating. I got on a stretcher and from start to finish was done in about 15 minutes. Removed needle, applied pressure, put arm down, removed gauze and blood pours out! I have NEVER had that happen before! The (cute) guy asked me if the prick on my finger continued bleeding, but the woman actually had trouble getting the 3 or 4 drops out of my finger that she needed to test my iron level. This was just a freak thing, of which he assured me he has seen before. We got the bleeding to stop, I sat and had my bottle of water and Lorna Doone's (I only get to eat them after donating blood!) and then I went to my parents house.

I decided to take it easy and not work out at all on Sunday. I remember having a horrendous run the day after giving blood, so I knew exercising the same day could only be worse. So on Monday I babysat and in the afternoon, instead of going to the gym, I decided to get back on the horse and do the Insanity Fit Test. I guess that's not "taking the easy route." I performed horribly. Now, I know I haven't done Insanity for almost two months, but some of my results were actually the same or WORSE than when I started! And by the end, I thought I was going to puke and die, simultaneously. I downed plenty of water and got in the shower since we were going to my husband's co-worker's house for dinner last night. The shower did not help, so I had to turn the water to almost cold. THAT helped. I can NOT believe how frickin' bad I felt! (I did recover and managed to get myself to dinner that night, but I am STILL feeling it! I am so sore.)

There are some great things coming up. The first thing is that we're on vacation starting today. My sister's sister-in-law (her name is Linda, also!) has a house near Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos, PA, so she asked if we'd like to go for a few days with them. I'm excited and anxious. First, a change in routine always (ok, almost always) sucks for getting in workouts and eating well. Second, my son has been experiencing anxiety lately about going places and I'm nervous for the long car ride and whatever else we might want to do. I'm hoping it's only because he's been home from school a month and has been in his little cocoon and needs to push through and realize everything is ok. He actually asked if we could stay home for his birthday dinner tomorrow instead of going to a restaurant. What kid doesn't want to go out to eat? It's definitely upsetting me and if things continue we'll be seeing someone to help him cope with it. And finally, when we go away I have to get someone to help with Molly, and I HATE asking people for help. Of course not one person could stay the entire time, so I have my niece and my sister staying with her. So now I have to go over the ins and out of the dog and the house and get them keys... I love my puppy, and I'll worry about her while we're away!

Happy birthday Charlie!

Along with going away, it's my son's 16th birthday today! I still can not believe it! He can get his driver's permit now. He doesn't seem to want to, since he hasn't been studying for it, but I want him to. I waited until I was 23 to get my driver's license and I don't want him to be like me! And thinking about his anxiety, I want him to start as soon as possible so he doesn't develop a fear of it. He does want to drive my car, though, so that should be incentive for him!

So then on the 31st my niece is getting married! She will be the first niece/nephew married on my side of the family. My husband's sisters kids are either married or engaged. Two of the three kids have kids of their own already. It makes me crazy when I think about it! The babies are having babies! I'm with my husband since 1991, so I've known them since they were about 8, 6 and 3. I hope my niece starts having kids relatively quickly so my parents can be great grandparents also.


  1. Happy birthday to your son!!

    And no- you didnt take it easy. LOL. Part of the reason you performed poorly is because of the blood donation. I dont think you are supposed to work out for a couple days after donating- at least. And you had problems clotting so that probably didnt help either.

    Vacationing sounds nice and I hope your son is able to work thru his anxieties soon!

  2. What an adorable baby picture!!!! My son turned 18- where does the time go???

    I did Insanity the other day after taking a few weeks off. I had similiar issues. The next day every part of my body hurt!!!!