FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Holy Frickin' Humidity

75*, 88% humidity. That was rough. 5 miles in 53:59. That SUCKED. Of course the sun was shining when I was out there, too. Do I have a visor yet? Uh uh. That might have helped, but I think it would have made my head feel hotter, if that was at all possible. Oh, and along those 5 miles only 1 person had sprinklers going, after 4.25 miles. I ran through them and managed to wet my knees. I shall have to work on my somersaults so I can get in and out of them like a ninja next time and manage to cool my head off. Of course while I was out there I thought about the cooling towels I've seen numerous times on QVC and in Bed, Bath and Beyond. When I got back to my front porch to stretch, my running capris were dripping onto my shoes. Everything was dripping. I nearly stripped outside, but I didn't want to cause a ten-car pile up from blinding drivers, so I left a trail of hard-earned sweat to the bathroom.

Well, it's done, at least I can say that. Only 8 weeks until my half-marathon. I think I can still pull this off. Pray for me!

In more interesting and exciting news, the From Fat To Finish Line- the movie website is up and running! You can read all about the team members and their success stories there. Content will be added continuously, so you have to keep visiting! There's also a link to the Kickstarter page to make pledges to help this film hit the ground running (pun intended). I've already got a special "Backers Only" DVD coming to me when everything's done!!

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  1. Great job on the run, despite the nasty weather! There you go, running in less than ideal weather and being inspiring, yet again! :-)

    I can't believe your half-marathon is only eight weeks away!! You will do great, I just know it!!!

    So excited about your Ragnar Relay!!