FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Great Run

Can't believe I'm writing it, but it's true. Yesterday, my husband and I went on a run at 7:15am and the conditions were nearly perfect. If it had been a bit cooler I would have been ecstatic, but I'm not going to complain AT ALL. On Saturday, Charlie said if I was planning to run the 8 miles at an 11:00 pace, that he would do the entire thing with me. Remember last week I ran 4.5 and then picked him up for the last 2.5 miles? Well, he didn't want to do that. I was really concerned with him running that much. His longest run with me EVER was 3.1 miles! That's a HUGE jump, to say the least! He hasn't run that much (if ever) since his teenage years, many moons ago.

We got out and walked for our warm-up and as we started to run, I decided I didn't want to do my usual route, going up and down the streets in my neighborhood. I figured it would be too boring and I didn't want to do all of those hills, since each street has at least 1 hill in the half mile span. So we took a left and headed down William Floyd Parkway south towards the beach. I've always wanted to run to the beach, but it's FAR. Well, it wasn't too far today.

I figured when we hit 4 miles we would turn around and head home. Well, Smith Point Bridge wound up being about 3.8 miles into our trip, so I decided we'd run over the bridge, a big giant hill. We get to run over the bridge during the Smith Point Bridge 5k, but we've never done it on our own. The view is spectacular and the breeze off the ocean was perfect. I'm so glad we did it. As we were crossing, we were planning a run so that we drive our car to the beach, park and then run out and back so we can dunk in the ocean when we're all done!

The bridge spans Moriches Bay in the middle of the photo. The Atlantic Ocean is to the right
Want to hear something funny? I just did a Google search of the Smith Point Bridge for a picture and 2 pictures of me and Charlie popped up from the 5ks! Anyway, when all was said and done, we ran the 8 miles in...

1:26:36! I got it in under an 11:00 mile! And Charlie did great! He ran every step of the way with me. Having him with me helped a lot. He was another distraction along with the new route to keep me going. We'll see if he wants to run 9 with me next week!

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  1. Awesome run! I need to get some long runs in too and prepare for the half marathon. I am very impressed your husband is running with you. How nice!

  2. Great job to both of you on the run!!!!! And what an awesome view!!

  3. That is awesome!!! How terrific! You all make a great team!