FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Food Finds

Can you believe they are actually going to be SAVORY items? The first one?

I had this genius idea when I was grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago to make one of my husband's favorite sandwiches. I enjoy making sandwiches, putting ingredientses (Teresa G, holla!) together and making it a meal. ANYWAY, I took ciabatta bread and made it into garlic bread. Then I layered on some deli roast beef and swiss cheese. Then I put the sandwich in the toaster oven to melt the cheese. Finally, with the horseradish, I made a sauce by adding it to sour cream and mayo. Don't ask me about amounts because I was truly winging this. I slapped that on the sandwich and was done. Oh. My. Word. LOVE horseradish! After that meal I made London Broil and had some more horseradish sauce... Then I put it in ketchup and gee, cocktail sauce! I think I like shrimp cocktail so much BECAUSE of the sauce!

Then, a couple of days ago, I went to the store and found this on sale for $.99!

So in the past three days I've had it on a toasted everything bagel, tossed into spaghetti with some parmesan cheese and on my tuna fish sandwich! Sadly, it is all gone. :(  The best thing, other than it tasting magnificent, is that it's 25 calories for 2 T. It had whole green olives in it, chunks of eggplant and tomato... I guess I should learn how to make it? Why bother if I can find it already made for less than the cost of 1 eggplant? Duh.

Oh, I have an 8 mile run planned for tomorrow morning. Wish me luck and little pain. I'll need it.

And another thing... go to From Fat To Finish Line's Facebook page for a great giveaway! Like the page and then enter to win a 12 pack of Rise nutrition bars. They are all natural, gluten free, vegetarian and Kosher! Jen loves them!!


  1. I make an amaaaazing eggplant spread, I dip everything in it, top chicken with it, eat it plain with a spoon even! It started as a homemade ravioli filling with tomato, eggplant, garlic, onion, and goat cheese. When I make it for non-special/everyday occasions, I omit the goat cheese, and it's still amazingly delicious.


  2. Ohhh...those sound SO good! Where in the grocery store did you find the caponata?

    1. The deli section, with the hummus and special cheese spreads! I found 2 more yesterday for $.99 each!!