FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Monday, July 16, 2012

Work In Progress

Why is it that I can think I have all the resolve in the world, but sit me around some sweet potato chips or chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting with chocolate mousse filling and my brains fall out?

Katelynn and her dad

Yesterday was my niece's 5th birthday party (this picture was from last year), and I had some noshes that of course I didn't NEED, like the aforementioned sweet potato chips and some pretzels and some veggie straws. Dinner was bbq, so I had a burger, a bit of potato salad (not worth it), a little piece of sausage, a bit of skirt steak and some caprese salad. But then the dessert rolled around. The "eff it" mentality kicked in and I had a CostCo chocolate chunk cookie (SO worth it) and a hunk of that cake. This one had balloons on it, so I got a wad of EXTRA white butter cream on my piece. I dug into it like there was hidden treasure to be found. I couldn't finish. By the last few bites I was getting nauseous.


So, today is a new day. I did my usual arc trainer workout at the gym and came home to mow the front yard. I've been eating lighter today since we're experiencing our 4th frickin' heat wave of the summer. I am disappointed with my choices yesterday, but what I HAVE learned on this journey is that I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be. If I expect perfection, failure will definitely be the result. A day like yesterday would derail me for days, weeks or months in the past. Not anymore. That's progress.


  1. OMG...sounds like my day yesterday. Today begins a new week. A do-over and yes you are right. You arent perfect. No one is. Unfortunately for me, getting me to a party with food is like putting alcohol in front of an alcoholic.

  2. That Costco buttercream cake with balloons, I had some of that at a birthday barbecue on June 9th. I wasn't yet far into my journey for a day like that. It did derail me. For days. For weeks. Fighting my way back is such a struggle. Darn that buttercream frosting.

    I admire your strength and the realization regarding perfection.

  3. That IS progress, and that is by far the hardest part of all of this, well for me anyway. Great job getting right back on track!

  4. balance.
    you cannot eliminate the things you love--just don't love them TOO much. A couple bites and done. A few extra miles on the road and call it good :)

    sweets don't temp me but keep the chips away! lol

  5. I had the "eff it" mentality this weekend, too! It happens, good on you for remembering to just get back on the wagon and keeping at it!

  6. "If I expect perfection, failure will definitely be the result."

    So true, love that quote! It's not about being perfect. Perfect sucks!

    Keep up the great work, you are so inspiring!!!