FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, July 7, 2012

99* In The Shade

So it's 94* right now at 1:17 pm, EDT, which supposedly feels like 95* because of the 36% humidity. I can't believe we're only at 36% humidity on the south shore of Long Island with severe thunderstorms on the horizon this evening. We've broken down and have been using the AC in the living room a bit more often this past week. I kind of like that it's so hot because it brings the family together in the same room (except that I'm in my bedroom right now writing this- oops).

Since I had nothing on the agenda today, I decided to go to the gym and finally make this week a 3 run week. It's been way too long since I've managed to run more than 2 times in a week. That's not at all conducive to running a half marathon in EXACTLY 3 MONTHS!! Holy crap! That just hit me right now. I hope to God it's 45* that day!!! Anyway, I wanted to run more than my usual 3 miles since I haven't been doing so well on working on my distance (as well as frequency). I did a proper warm-up of a 1/4 mile walk and then sped up over the next 1/4 mile. And then I was back. I haven't run on the treadmill in so long, and today I remembered why I loved it so much.

First, I could use my iPod without worrying about traffic. No one SHOULD be coming up from behind me on the treadmill, right? Lip-syncing to all of my favorite tunes really keeps me going. Second, I had a treadmill that had a working tv, WITH closed captioning AND a working fan. You don't know how many of their damn treadmills are missing one or two of those important features! And lastly, I can speed up with a few touches of a button and I can not slow myself down unless I push a button. When I'm out on the road, I'm always looking at that damn Garmin, speeding up, slowing down, telling myself to take it easy, the voices in my head toying with me...

I didn't feel anxious at all about this run! It seems every time I run out the door, I'm saying to myself or my poor husband that I don't want to do it. It's like I always have to do better than the last time. Now I'm TOO competitive! On the treadmill, I know how I'll do because the machine figures it out for me. I actually ran an 8 minute mile for a total of 5 minutes throughout my different intervals. And I managed to run 5.15 miles in 50 minutes. I haven't run that far in probably 2 months! I felt great. I was sweating my non-existent balls off, but I felt great. And then I cooled down with a 10 minute walk at 3 miles/hour, stretched really well and went home.

And when I got in the bathroom to take a shower I immediately felt like shit. I thought I was going to puke. I tried the "hand in the cold water" trick and that was just annoying. So I started rubbing my head, hoping that sensation would get my mind off the desire to puke. And the sweat was pouring off of me in my little cubicle of a bathroom. I guess the  20 oz. of water wasn't enough during my workout. Thankfully, sitting down and reading about Bethenny Frankel's new stint as a day-time talk show helped stave off the nausea, so I was able to jump in the shower and cool off.

So many people have been talking about how hot it is outside, (I know, I know, it's SUMMER, it's supposed to be hot), but I didn't realize how susceptible I am to the heat even INSIDE. What a hot mess I am! Literally! I thought I'd be good to go running inside. Apparently, that wasn't the case. So, PLEASE be careful in this heat, even if you're inside and exerting yourself! And make sure you check on the elders you know, who are most susceptible to this horrific weather!


  1. Awesome run - I'm sorry that you were feeling so shitty after tho… that sucks.

    I love the weatherman cartoon - lmao!


    1. I'd post it to our chat room, but it REALLY should have the word f*ck in it!

  2. Please be careful. I feel like that every time I run a long distance that my body isnt used to. And the heat compounds it. Fantastic time on the run though! Way to go!

  3. Hey!!! thanks for your support...I heard you loud and clear! and yes, it helped!

    Way to go on those miles there girl! Yes, the heat is hard on everyone, inside and out...but that time was well worth I bet, huh?

    Keep rockin it south shore girl ;)

  4. Love the weatherman cartoon! Great job on the run, I hate it when you feel icky after an awesome run, though! Be careful!