FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Dirty Dozen

So that's the team! WEAPONS OF MASS REDUCTION! Now that each runner has been introduced, there will be some interesting topics we cover in regards to our weight-loss successes and struggles and why we even began this journey in the first place. Go to www.fromfattofinish.com. That will link you right to the documentary's Facebook page. 'Like' it so you can constantly get updates on your news feed. There will be contests and giveaways!

I've been up to a whole lot of nothin'. Just hitting the gym and running outside. Yesterday I got my husband out for the first time since our last 5k in September. Since he had to leave for work at 10:30am, I told him we'd do just an easy mile to get him back in the swing of things. He asked me "You will do JUST a mile?" I thought I'd have to keep the pace nice and slow, but since he's a full foot taller than me, he's just naturally faster, even without training. We finished that mile in 9:09! Faster than I USUALLY push myself! Now I just have to manage to get him to run another 2.1, at that pace, by June 2nd! Could happen!

Oh, and this morning's weigh-in was 156.8, again. I need to be a little more diligent with my food if I'm going to be ready for my close-up!