Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wretched Wednesday

So, the batteries in the scale are new and so is my weight- up a pound! I will not let that number define me, yada-yada-yada... It's still annoying, ya know?

Anyway, today is Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting and no meat. Hopefully, I don't pass out. I gave up chocolate, again, which includes any type of candy, chocolate chips in things like cookies and muffins and ice cream. What does that leave? Oh, I said I wouldn't give up chocolate flavor, like I guess the cocoa on Chocolate Chex cereal. But I think I can live without that as well. My grandma always said that we could have what we gave up for Lent on Sundays and I thought she was sort of making it up because she always wanted to spoil us with treats. So last year I looked it up and she was right! Lent is 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter because there are 6 Sundays in there. Every Sunday is to be celebrated as Easter Sunday and that is why you are "allowed" to partake of the item you gave up. But, I'm up for the challenge of going the entire 46 days.

You can also look at Lent as a time to give of yourself. Volunteering your time is a huge sacrifice when so many people feel they don't have a moment to spare. It puts the focus on something positive, unlike the self-sacrifice. I really have to look into getting myself and my family involved in some sort of volunteer work. It'll help make us even more appreciative of the little we DO have. This month, our Relay For Life team, Dorothy's Determination, (in honor of my mom's battle with bladder cancer last year), is up and running again for this year's Relay in June. Last year we came in 5th in donations raised out of 90+ teams, so we're going to try and beat last year's amount raised. There are many opportunities to help with the Relay committee in organizing the event, so I think that's where I want to give of my time. RFL is an AMAZING event.


  1. Sorry about the pound. We will blame it on water weight. LOL.
    My mom always said the thing about Lent and Sundays too. And if you are a child or pregnant, you dont have to forgo meat on Fridays either.

  2. Chocolate is an ambitious thing to give up for Lent! That would be so difficult. I think it's so interesting that Lent is 46 days--I've always assumed that it was 40, and never took the time to count ;)

  3. So far, so good! I was starving today, sitting at my f-i-l's while everyone ate chips and dip, and crackers and cheese! I came home and scarfed down my cappellini and fake lobster! Now I'm trying to avoid the kitchen. I'll have a cup of coffee and possibly go to bed! (It's 6:40pm!)

  4. Mmmm Chocolate... Why can't chocolate be a veggie, or a fruit???!?!?!?!

  5. You started doing The Firm, right? It's likely muscle! It's annoying when the scale moves up though! I'm not a fan of the scale standing still either lol.

    Relay for life sounds awesome!!!

  6. Added a little resistance training, not enough to look like the Hulk or anything. I was peeing like a racehorse yesterday (filling my empty stomach with tea and coffee) and I was down to 153.4 this morning. I'm just not going to let it get to me. I'm doing the right thing 90% of the time. That damn number will reflect it, eventually.