FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Friday, February 17, 2012

11 Random Things (Take 2)

Jen of From FAT to FINISH LINE included me in the tag game this time. I tried this game once before (Click here to read 11 random things about me and see if you were tagged! Keeping The Game Going. If you feel like participating and I didn't tag you, then click on the link!) and I don't know if more than a couple of people participated, but, she had some great questions so I wanted to make sure I answered her!

1). What was your first job?
      My first job ever was babysitting the kid down the block when I was 12. My first job on the books was the summer after graduating high school at a bargain store called Cheap John's. It was a chain here on Long Island and it was the BEST place to find cheap school supplies and candy! When I started there, all the candy bars were 3/$1 (you're lucky to find them on sale for $.79 nowadays) and you could get a one pound solid milk chocolate (REAL chocolate, not that flavored crap) for $.97!! We miss Cheap John's! Other dollar stores just don't cut it!

2). If you could only hear one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
     This is an impossible question! Amazing Grace? I don't know!

3). Favorite quote or saying?
     Another tough question, Jen! Since I started running, and things get hard, my mantra is "Do it for those who can't."

4). Disney World, Vegas or a cruise?
     I'd have to say Disney World because I haven't done Vegas or a cruise yet! I know my entire family would enjoy themselves at Disney. I think I would be WAY too grumpy in Vegas losing money or watching my husband lose money. And the cruise, I see myself gaining at least 10 pounds in a week from the non-stop eating!

5). Your favorite "kid" movie?
      Ok, I didn't see many Disney movies growing up. We watched a lot of cartoons and sitcoms... But since having kids myself, I LOVE watching all of the animated flicks that come out, even though my kids are older now. I have to say, the Toy Story trilogy was awesome. Toy Story 3 found my girlfriend and I sobbing in the theater, watching Andy give away his toys and head off to college! I can't believe I'm only a couple of years away from sending off one of my own! :(

6). Celebrity crush?
     Mmmm... who to choose? Justin Timberlake? Derek Jeter? Gerard Butler? George Clooney? All of the above?

7). Dream race?
     Thank you Jen for an easy one! NYC Marathon, no doubt about it.

8). Favorite blog?
     Since it was the first blog I ever read, this goes to Katie's Runs For Cookies. I found her when Spark People posted her weight-loss success story/video on Facebook back in June. I became hooked on it and all of the other blogs I've started to follow that relates to my weight-loss and running journey, like Jen's blog.

9). Italian food, Greek food or Asian?
     I've grown up on Italian food since I'm 75% Italian (25% Puerto Rican), so I am pretty capable of making a good Italian meal. Can't say I've had too much Greek food, maybe a few times I've ordered moussaka at the diner. I'll have to pick Asian, specifically our Americanized Chinese. (Not into sushi.) I can't replicate sesame chicken or boneless spareribs at home. If we ever go out (which is RARE) it's to Ding How, our favorite Chinese restaurant. You might remember it from my 40th birthday party!

10). Favorite sports team?
       Yay! Another easy one! "Theeeeeee Yankees win!!!" So ecstatic to have had the chance to run at Yankee Stadium with my husband last summer!

11). What was your first concert?
        My girlfriend had tickets to see Diana Ross at a small theater on LI when we were in high school. Sad, I know. I haven't done many concerts in my lifetime. Madonna at MSG in the 90's. Saw Billy Joel a few times, once with Elton John at the Meadowlands. Most recent concert? Barry Manilow at the Garden with my husband and my parents! I have loved Barry for as long as I can remember!

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