Monday, February 13, 2012

"And I Ate My Very First..."

BRUSSEL SPROUT!!! I am 40 frickin' years old and never had the opportunity to even try one! I mean, they must have been on a restaurant menu somewhere along the way, but my mother never made them, none of my sisters have ever made them... I guess EVERYONE was as scared of them as I was! I always heard they smelled really bad and had a funky mushy surprise inside. Well, I've been seeing them on both Katie's and Lori's blog, so I thought I would just break down and give them a try.

I prepared them like the roasted vegetables I usually make (zucchini, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers...) by tossing them with about 1 T. vegetable oil, 1 T parmesan cheese and some Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt or Adobo seasoning. I spread them out on my PC bar pan and roasted them at 425* for I don't know how long! I remember hearing that they were in the same family as cauliflower, but I didn't expect them to smell exactly like it while roasting. I figured they were done when they were caramelized and a bit crispy. And then I ate my very first one... and I'm HOOKED!

(Not my photo- I quartered mine)

There's plenty more items on the Food List Challenge I have yet to try. (Can you believe brussel sprouts isn't included in the list??) Some seem to be pretty basic foods. I do know for a fact that I will NEVER try durian. I've seen too many faces made by Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel because of both the aroma and the consistency of it to even bother an attempt.

Are there any foods that you have never eaten because you're scared of them??


  1. I hated them as a kid but I love them now. A little salt and pepper with fresh crushed garlic- roasted in the oven on my PC bar pan (love that thing!). Yummy Yum!

  2. I love brussels! Even the "gross" boiled way everyones old people made LOL! I can't get enough! I think my bitterness tastebuds are lacking since I love things BITTER! (brussels, lime tonics, etc etc)

  3. Brussel sprouts always scared me, but your version sounds fantastic. Did you use fresh or frozen?

    Liver and any kind of animal intestine disgusts me.

  4. I used fresh brussel sprouts. I didn't even know there was a frozen option! I would be afraid they would be mushy, though.

    Oh, yeah, I don't do innards, either! Wait, I lied. My grandfather's "stuffing" has chicken gizzards, liver and hearts in it, and if I accidentally stick one in my mouth I won't spit it out. They're not HORRIBLE in that. Anthony Bourdain from the Travel Channel seems to feel they're some of the best eats!

  5. Unfortunately I'm not afraid of any food. I sometimes think if I was one of those super-picky eaters I never would have had this life-long weight problem?? LOVE brussel sprouts - I too eat them the old-fashioned, boiled way...but they're so much better roasted or sauted!