Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Could It Be?

I stepped on the scale this morning and this was what was staring back at me:

I'm not sure whether to believe it or not, especially since those damn batteries still haven't been replaced! So, I had to go back and look at all my check-ins on My Fitness Pal, and my lowest weight recorded on there was 147.6 on 10/29/11! I have been working out diligently, as usual, but I've also not been eating after dinner again. It seems my resolve dissipates once the couch calls my name and there's a little reality television to zone out with. Brushing my teeth and just going to bed helps! If this is accurate then I'm only 8 pounds away from goal (again).

I was planning a nice long workout on the arc trainer this morning since I didn't have any kids to babysit today and then my son called 35 minutes into my 1st 45 minute workout to say his head was killing him and to please come and get him. He doesn't get migraines often, but when he does I feel so bad for him. He's in bed right now with a huge ice pack on his head, trying to sleep it off. He could only take 1/2 an extra-strength Excedrin since he can't swallow huge pills. The first half went down fine, but the second half just swirled around in his mouth until he spit it back out. I couldn't tell you what brought it on, but once I got into the school I thought those damn fluorescent lights could be the culprit! Hopefully he'll feel better soon. I guess I won't be forcing him to go to his sister's 'Night of 1,000 Strings' concert tonight. Once a year all of the middle school and high school orchestras get together and perform. First you endure listen to each group perform (there's 6 orchestras between 3 schools) and then they ALL play one piece together. That has to be at least 500 students. The parking lot situation is a mad-house and the auditorium is stifling hot... Hmmmm... I think MY head hurts now, too...


  1. Congrats on the weight loss!!! So close to goal!! And I hope the migraine for your son goes away quickly.

  2. Hooray on the weight loss!!!!!!!

    Hope your son feels better, migraines are definitely no fun!

  3. Thank you! Hopefully it's a correct number!

  4. Migraines are the worst. My mom used to give me excedrin but also put a rag with a little bit of vinegar on it for my forehead. The smell of the vinegar actually alleviated some of the pain. Weird, I know.

    Congrats on your loss!! That is so awesome!!!

  5. Vinegar, really?!? I'd try it but I'm afraid that would make him puke, but then again, he felt better after that. Oh, yeah, he took a 2+ hour nap, woke up and felt like eating something. I stupidly made him cinnamon bread toast and the smell made him sick to his stomach, all the way from his bed to the bathroom! But, he felt fine after that! A few people I've spoken to (my husband included) actually feel better after they vomit. Maybe the adrenaline alleviates the headache?