FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Monday, January 2, 2012

Honesty Is The Best Policy


And this is where I begin 2012. Where was I at when I vowed on 11/23/11 NOT to gain weight this holiday season? To refresh your memory:


I am just disgusted with myself. I did exercise everyday, though. I didn't slack off in that department, which usually does happen this time of year since everything is so hectic. (Couldn't IMAGINE how bad the gain would have been if I hadn't!!) However, the sweets and baked goods got the best of me. I threw out my previous belief that I can have a treat every day and that there's always tomorrow if I want more and ate like I was being sent to the electric chair, almost daily! The damn cheesecake my parents brought on Christmas, the Jack Skellington and Mickey snowmen sugar cookies I made, the Nestle Crunch Crisps leftover from Halloween that didn't make it into the kids' stockings, the Tastefully Simple Nana's Apple Cake, the TS lemon bars, the mini black and whites, the peanut butter kiss cookies, the rainbow cookies... no amount of running or stepping on the arc trainer could combat the calories in these "treats." And I was consciously eating everything, thinking I'm going to hate myself for it. Some of it wasn't even that GOOD! There was really no pleasure in it, just that old mentality creeping back in- "it's a bad food; eat it quickly to get rid of it."

So, now I'm more than 15 pounds away from my goal of being under 140. Exactly 17.8 pounds away from 139. That is just horrible. So now I sit here, writing this blog, thinking of the goals I have for 2012, and getting to 139 pounds is one of them. My second goal of training and competing in my first half-marathon in October will be one of the ways I plan to get myself to my first goal.

Disappointed in myself, but I'm putting that all behind me and looking forward. Only 10 months and 5 days until the Divas Half-Marathon here on Long Island!

I am officially signed up for the half-marathon!!! My bib will say DIVA LINDA on it! This has just given me the boost I needed to get this train out of the station!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Remember, "nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new ending."

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