FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Streaks and Challenges

Yesterday was just such a crappy day. It poured from Sunday night through last night. We have a damn leak in the living room roof, again. We've had it re-shingled once or twice already. I think the water is coming in from the doghouse window that's in our bedroom above the extension that is the living room. Just another one of those things to add to the never-ending to-do list that sucks the life out of you and dwindles the savings.

The funk that the weather (and the leak) put me in turned into a horrible day of eating. Then I didn't get to the gym because I spent a couple of hours on some Christmas projects and talking on the phone (my parents are back from their two week vacation in FL!). Then I had to go pick up my niece at after care for my sister since she was stuck at work. It was an all-around shitty day, but my running streak was not going to be broken, no matter what was going on. Chelsea had dance at 7:30 pm, and when she was done, I dropped her off and went straight to the gym. In and out in 20 minutes to get that mile done. I didn't fail and let the streak die. Twenty days strong.

Today was a good day. Still crappy weather, but I got myself to the gym early, spent 30 minutes on the arc trainer, ran for 15 minutes, then did another 30 minutes on the arc trainer. I'm avoiding the rowing machine because I think that's how I tweaked my back. It's not even the usual culprit, the dreaded lower back pain. It's more mid-back and it just feels like no matter how much I twist and turn it won't crack. Oh, yeah. I crack everything- fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, hips, ankles.... I should be REAL attractive as an old lady. Add the curse of an Italian woman's chin hair and receding hairline and I should scare ALL the small children at Halloween.

Anyway, I haven't rowed since Friday or Saturday and I feel better right now. Hope that was it. We'll see how I feel after tomorrow's long run. Gigi at Running on Candy mentioned another blogger's (Jess at Run With Jess) Pick 12 Challenge. It's to celebrate 12-12-12, so you pick between a 12 mile run or bike ride, or a 12k run or bike ride. Since I need to run 8 miles, I chose the 12k, which is 7.45 miles. She suggested starting at 12:12 pm, if possible. I think I can swing that. It'll be fun to think of all the other people who will be doing the same exact thing all over the country.

Anyone else, other than Gigi and Jess, celebrating 12-12-12 with a physical challenge?


  1. Great job keeping up with the streak even with a crappy day! This weather has been miserable lately, indeed!

  2. well done Linda on fitting that mile in on such a crappy day! That's determination! :-)

    1. Thanks Mary! Are you having the same type of weather in jolly ole England?

  3. Nice work Linda… WELL, crap. I was going to run 4 - 6 miles today…. wonder if I should just rally and try to do the 12K? Not sold yet but you never know. ;-)

  4. Way to get your running done even with such a shit day!!!