FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I've Got To Keep On Movin'

Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride... I've run every day, at least 1 mile, for 10 DAYS! I think it's helping me enjoy running more since most days I only have to run a mile. I've actually been doing that machine mixer workout with 15 minute intervals on the rower, the arc trainer and the treadmill, so I've been running about 1.5 miles in that 15 minutes. I've also been playing with my speed and pushing myself. Today I ran a minute at an 8:00 mile. I haven't done that in a long time. Between all of my activity, I've logged over 30 miles on Daily Mile so far this week. I plan on doing a 6 mile run tomorrow since it's supposed to be a good day, so my week isn't over yet!

Yesterday I got another surprise in the mail! Love those little packages stuffed inside the mailbox!! It came from Tina from For The Love Of The Run. I think I'll pack it for our van during the relay!

It's called pStyle and it gives women the ability to pee standing! It states on the package that it's "easy to use while clothed, eliminates the need for t.p., reusable and simple to clean and compact and easy to carry." These people have never seen me try to pee in a cup! No need for t.p.? I'll probably need at least a hand towel! Well, it is compact and won't take up much space in my backpack for the race. It'll at least be a good conversation piece!

Yesterday I went to AC Moore for some craft supplies and t-shirts. We settled on wearing bright pink, yellow and orange for the three legs of the Ragnar Relay. My RR t-shirt is neon pink, so I was covered for the first leg. I was so excited to see the store had their t-shirts 5/$10 AND they had bright orange and yellow! I picked up a few extra so I could make some t-shirt scarves I saw on Pinterest. Can't go wrong with a pretty scarf for $2! I bought some iron on numbers to put "- 75" for my weight lost on the back of one of the shirts. I also bought some ModPodge because I'm making photo coasters with ceramic tiles for some of my family members for Christmas. Have I told you all how much I love Pinterest??? Now I just have to stop pinning and get off the damn computer and start working on all of these projects!


  1. Well done Linda with your running a mile a day! I think that's a very good challenge to keep people motivated in December! I've spoken to a lot of people who say they basically stop running in the winter and I think "why?!".

    I'm LOVIN' the pStyle! Please let me know how you get on with it - I have a feeling that could come in handy as my distance increases (and my bladder continues to shrink!!) :-)

    laughed out loud and then thought HUH I MIGHT NEED THAT :-) about the pStyle...

  3. Yea im not a p outside kinda girl either and on the relay I did I had an "ahhhhhhhh" moment in the middle of the night when out of nowhere..... a portapotty!!! Now I hate a portapot but I hate urine all over my clothes and shoes WAY MORE! lol let me know how that thing works would ya? hahaha