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FFTFL premiere

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pop Quiz

My friend over at Running On Candy posted a running pop quiz last week that she borrowed from another blogging friend. I thought it was a great idea and it would be fun to hear what everyone else has as a running routine. If you don't run, most of these questions can pertain to just about any type of exercise, so don't exclude yourself from answering the questions just because you don't run!

1). What type of fuel do you use on your runs? Shot Bloks, GU, Energy Chews, candy, other?
      I never used any type of fuel supplement during a run before my half. I picked up a chocolate Power Bar Energy Gel when I bought my water bottle at Sport's Authority right before the expo, just in case I desperately needed something towards the end of my race. I did open it and take little nibbles at it the last few miles. I didn't want to just suck it down since I hadn't tested out the effects it would have had on my gastro system! I might try experimenting with them, though, so I'm more prepared for Ragnar.

2). What is your favorite race length? 5k, 10k, Half  Marathon, Marathon...?
      I have to say I have the most experience with the 5k length and I have absolutely no experience with the marathon... I really like the 5k because there are just so many of them put on so you have lots of options. You could probably run one every week! And because they are only 3 miles, you don't need to put in the time it takes to train for longer distances, and they are so much CHEAPER than registration fees for longer runs!!!

3). What kind of workout bottoms do you run in? Skirts, shorts, capris, pants...?
      For long runs I have one pair of men's shorts with a drawstring waist that I run in. Why men's shorts? Because I have yet to find a pair of women's shorts that have pockets in them! I'll put my sweat mops, extra gum, my iPod, etc. in them. I could probably grab a SPIbelt for all that paraphernalia, but why spend more money when I don't have to? For any other run, like at the gym, I have my favorite tight C9 running capris from Target or my Tek Gear compression capris from Kohl's.

4). What sports drink do you run with? Gatorade, PowerAde, Cytomax...?
     I only ran with Gatorade a few runs before my half marathon because that was what was going to be offered  race day. I cut it with water, again to make sure it didn't effect my stomach. It definitely helped with the cramping I had in my calf I had experienced earlier in my training. For long runs, I'll continue to use it.

5). What's your preferred running temperature? Hot or cold?
     Well, since I sweat like a mo' fo' the choice is easy for me! The heat and humidity of Long Island summers were pure torture for me. So, I'd pick a cold weather run over a hot one, HANDS DOWN!

6). What brand of running shoes do you run in? Saucony, Asics, Brooks...?
     I hate to say this but I've never been to a running store to be properly fitted for sneakers. I picked up a pair of Nikes at Kohl's and have never had a problem, so I continue to stick with them. Hey, if it ain't broke...

7). What's your typical pre-race meal? Oatmeal, banana, bagel...?
     Almost every day I wake up and make myself my huge cup of coffee and have some type of protein or granola bar. For race day, I make sure I have a Power Bar or a Pure Protein bar, usually a few hours before race time. It's enough to keep me going but not too much on my already nervous stomach to make me sick during the run.

8). How many rest days are in your schedule?
     I typically run 3 times a week. I don't think I've ever run more than that. When I don't run, I'll usually be at the gym on the arc trainer or the elliptical machine. I try to exercise every day to at least maintain my weight!

9). Music- do you run with or without it?
     I usually have my iPod with me. I only put one earbud in so I can listen to traffic, and sometimes I'm so in my head listening to stupid thoughts that I'm not really paying attention to it. On some short runs I have chosen to leave the iPod on home, but I would never think of NOT having it for a long run.

10). So, why do YOU run? Stress relief, the love of the race, weight-loss, socializing...?
     Well, I run for just about all of the above! I started to run just to see if I could DO it, but I continue to run because I love how it makes me feel. I feel so accomplished after a run. I still can't believe I AM running! Also, after losing about 40 pounds, running helped give me another push to continue losing, and because it burns a nice amount of calories in a short amount of time, it allows me to eat (as does all the exercise I do)! Running/exercise is a great tension reliever, too. You spend a lot of time thinking, and I like to say it gets the cobwebs out. It helps me quiet my anxieties a bit. And, I love to race. When my husband and I started to race we thought racing would be a great excuse to travel and see things. We never thought it would be bringing us to Miami and Key West in January!


  1. Loved reading this! Great idea with the men's shorts - I am so jealous of my hubby's pockets!!

  2. My favorite distance is 8K - long enough to feel like a challenge without needing any mid-race fueling

  3. What a great idea about the men's shorts! Most of my shorts or capris have the little pocket at my back but it fits a key and maybe a gu but that is it.

  4. great post and survey! Love your whys behind running!

  5. ...sorry to barge in... if you are interested in the Softcup challenge on For The Love Of The Run, please fill out the form again- I don't have any entries that show your your blog. (I don't know your "real" name so I can't search that way.)