FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The past two days I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! First off, my friend Gigi over at Running On Candy sent me an awesome '13.1' sticker for my car! I saw the picture of her sticker that she posted on Facebook and innocently commented that I loved it, and she asked if I would like one! Heck yeah! It was perfect to commemorate the Diva Half Marathon!

How frickin' adorable is that?

Now I will smile every time I put gas in my car!! She even sent me a black '13.1' that I think I'll save for Charlie when he runs his first half! Thanks Gigi! Go check out her blog- she's a fellow Islander!

So, getting that in the mail on Thursday made my day, but then it got even BETTER! I found out from Suzy at HAPPY WITH 13.1 that I won her One Happy Stamper giveaway! This is the first giveaway I've won from all of the blogs I follow, and it couldn't have been more perfect timing or a more fitting win! It's a beautiful half marathon washer necklace on a pink suede cord. Since running the Diva Half Marathon on Sunday, I can now wear this necklace proudly! "I'm only half crazy!" (for now...).

Source: One Happy Stamper- Visit Missy's site on Facebook for more beautiful selections!

I can not wait to get that in the mail and I'll post more pictures when I receive it! So, I got some more bedazzling for my car and my neck and then I went to the library to print out my race certificate to frame for my home! A really nice perk from Sport Photo, the professional photographers that worked the Diva Half, is a complimentary race certificate. I went to the library to use their color printer 1). since it's free and 2). I have no ink in my printer anyway! Now I just have to frame it!

Can't ever lie about my time now!!

I bought one of the photos from the race. Of course I can't share the proofs since they have that security thingy on them, but I'll share the picture when it comes. I love that Diva had a photo-op right after the tiara and boa station to get a "fun photo" and they also had finish photos. I chose a fun photo since my finish photos were way too serious (I mean, I don't look like I'm going to out and out DIE, but close to it!) and the time on the clock is the gun time, not my chip time. It was something like 2:33:41, and that's not my time, dang it! Now, if they could somehow digitally superimpose the correct time in there, I might have gotten one... But I spent $20 on one 5x7, so I think that's sufficient!

If that weren't enough, to end a phenomenal week that started with my half marathon goal met, I received my House Party Planters NUT-rition Peanut Butter Everyday Adventures kit! I don't know how I found House Party, but it's a FREE service that companies use to help promote their products and get people to try them! You go on their site, look at all of the parties being offered, and apply to host one. I've hosted a Tapena Wine tapas party and a Zatarain's Mardis Gras party, so far. This kit came with 6 jars of the peanut butter spread, 2 each of the cinnamon raisin granola, banana nut granola and the berry nut. I'm so excited to try them because I haven't found them in any stores near me yet! I'll be sharing these with my family one Sunday at my parents' house for Sunday rolls and bagels.

The party kit also came with 13 water bottles as guest party favors, 3 spreaders, a Mr. Peanut statue and costume for funny photo ops.

So even though my big day of the half marathon is over, the week was not at all depressing and filled with "the party's over" blahs. I'll be waiting at the mail box looking forward to my necklace and race picture coming, I have a job possibility (I'll discuss that soon) and I have to train for The Dash To The Finish Line 5k I'm running with Jen and Katie on 11/3. I need to pick my speed back up so I can keep up with those girls!!

Just a reminder: If you haven't had a chance to go over to our new fundraising site, Indiegogo, we only have 11 more days to meet our goal! But, the great thing about this site is the project gets to keep whatever funds are raised (minus all of the site's fees), so we will have some funding and you WILL get the reward you pledged for!! $25 gets you a special edition DVD! You all want to see how this story ends, right??? We greatly appreciate any help we can get. If you have already pledged, THANK YOU!!!


  1. Glad you love it....you pull the film off the top so it is just the vinyl :)

    I got notification that my prints shipped, did you? I cropped out the time on my print and got the one that added my name and time to the border :)

    1. Oh cool! I thought I should've trimmed it more so you wouldn't see the vinyl as much...I'm a nit-wit!

      And I got my e-mail that it'll be 7-10 days before the photo comes. I never thought about cropping the finish photo, but I still didn't like the look on my face! I'm all "raise your hands in the air" confident in the fun picture!

  2. sounds like an awesome week of stuff going on! Peanut butter, half marathon and jewelry! SCORE!! :-)

  3. I've seen a ton of 13.1 and 26.2 stickers- but this one takes the cake! Love it