FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 2 and Day 3

Well, I survived my first week! I guess I did a good job because my boss told me he'd call me today with our schedule for next week. I'm already anxious about it since it seems I'll be driving all over God's green earth again! UGH! Thankfully the last two days were at a school only 10 minutes away, so it made up for the Freeport trip on Tuesday. The best part was that since it's a nearby district, I knew several of the kids and friends that work there. That made the days go by even quicker.

I'm getting the hang of getting the kids situated in their class shot. Some kids listen well and some are just in a world of their own! The kindergartners were so cute and it makes me think back to when my kids were that little. It's hard to believe they ever were; it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

Wednesday I had to go grocery shopping after getting home because we were desperately in need of just about everything. I was already exhausted when I walked in the store, and it took me longer than usual because I needed so much. Well, wouldn't it be just my luck that I get on the check-out line behind a family of what seemed like 20? AND they had about that many W.I.C. checks??? If you're not familiar with that program, it stands for Women, Infants and Children, and it's a federal program for low-income people that supplies them with "nutrition education and food." (Now before anybody jumps down my throat, I'm all for helping people, as long as the welfare system isn't being abused, and we ALL know there are MANY repeat offenders out there.) Usually these checks are for specific items with no substitutions. So, please don't think you're going to get Swiss cheese instead of the cheddar. Then the customer has to get off the line to get the correct item. And if the check is for a specific amount, like $6, it would be nice to have had that figured out before you got on line, to be considerate of everyone else waiting on line behind you, listening to your 6 screaming and crying children because they have also used up their entire supply of patience along with the rest of the store. I swear to all that is holy, I was on line for 30 minutes behind them. I told the woman behind me that if she had the chance to GO ON ANOTHER LINE. "Please, I'm too far gone, (since I already loaded 1/2 of my cart on the belt), but save yourself!!!" Several times the total would be at $5.55 and the man would go off into the store for something to reach the $6 limit.  I was ready to climb into the stroller already crammed with 2 of their kids and cry myself. I was D-O-N-E!!! Even if they had left the kids at home with one of the adults would have been a vast improvement. I wasn't annoyed with the cashier, but somebody should have helped her or let her turn off her light so no one was subjected to that! grrrrrrrr.....

So Wednesday night I was thankful to not have to leave the house again for anything. Yesterday was a good day because I think I'm getting a real grasp of the system they use and am needing a lot less help to get things done. The 3 people I work with all have the same sense of humor as me, so that helps keep the day "light and airy." At dance last night, I saw my friend who is my boss' wife/owner of the studio and she said he's not one for compliments but he was speaking very highly of me, unless he feels obligated to because I'm her friend!

Would you believe when I got home yesterday my husband left a note on the fridge that someone called. It said "Jeanette from the bus company called and asked if I was still interested in being a bus monitor." Are you kidding me? Couldn't they have called 2 weeks ago? I had to think it over, listing all of the pros and cons... I'm driving around a lot, but going to different places keeps things a bit fresh and interesting. I'd have to work 5 days/week as a monitor and this job is only 2 or 3 days a week. There's a few months of no work in the winter with the studio, but the bus monitor is off over the summer. I'd rather not drive all those miles in the snow AND I already have a trip planned in January that I know won't conflict with work... and then how do you tell somebody after a week you found another job, and a FRIEND that offered me the job, at that??!!?? Feast or famine... thankful to have been in this predicament, though.

Today I'm hitting the gym. I went last night for the 1st time since last Friday. I haven't ran since last Thursday and I need to work on that since I have the 5k in the city on 11/3! Speaking of running, look what came in the mail the other day!!

My Diva Half photo! I'm holding my tiara and sweat mop in one hand, my water bottle in the other and I have a spare sweat mop in my right pocket, so that's why I look like I have saddle bags. You can even see my gum in my mouth. I loved that group of women wearing the kilts. They were so encouraging and helped me through that last mile or two. I'm all ready and registered for next year!


  1. first off- great photo. They never turn out magazine ready so that one is a great one. And can I just say LOL LOL LOL. I can SO picture you climbing into the peoples cart in front of you and scream "Im done!" LOL. Just take your time and think about which job you want more. I think you will make the right choice (if you havent already). Good luck!

  2. I LOVE that picture.

    Great blog - I would've been fit to be tied if I were behind that family at the store. That is sooo annoying.

    Glad you're getting into the groove of the job. It does sound kind of interesting to me.

  3. Uggh I hate it when that happens- I've been stuck behind a family dealing with those before and it always takes forever.

    Great picture!