FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Goals

So, another blogger friend posted her goals for the month, and I thought that is an awesome idea to not wait until the new year or a season change, etc. to make myself a list of the things I want to get done. I have a lot of crap projects that need to get done around the house, and seeing that I'll have more free time since the kids are in school, no time better than the present to tackle them! I made the list a few days ago and have already begun to cross things off of it!

1). Clean and organize craft/storage room. Done 9/3
2). Clean upstairs rec room/hallway.
3). Sort through and organize my closet. Done 9/6
4). Sort through and organize Charlie's closet.
5). Sort through and organize CJ's closet.
6). Sort through and organize Chelsea's closet.
7). Sort through and organize Chelsea's dresser. Done 9/2
8). Sort though and organize Chelsea's desk.
9). Clean and organize school supply drawer. Done 9/6
10). Spray paint coffee table.
11). Spray paint end table.

Unfortunately, I didn't take a BEFORE picture of this room! It could still use a little work (as well as the redecorating!) but it was merely a storage facility before with our Christmas tree standing directly in the middle!
 Not an impossible list of things to accomplish and I've already gotten a good start. I also have 2 major events this month: the Smith Point Bridge 5k on 9/10 and the Hampton Bays Lions Club 10k on 9/17. My goal for the 5k is to come in under 30 minutes. I think this should definitely happen, barring any horrendous injuries or unforeseen issues, especially since I've been working on my speed for a long time now. My other goal for the 10k was originally to finish in under 60 minutes, but I think this is really asking for a little too much because: 1). it's my first 10k 2). I've never run this route (It's actually the first annual HBLC 10k, so no one has!) and 3). I'm running it alone, with no headphones allowed, so my husband won't be with me to push my pace and I won't have music to distract me. SO, I looked into what the average time is for a 40-44 year old woman (I'll be in a WHOLE new age bracket for that race!! :( !!) and I'm shooting for under 70 minutes. That also takes into account my last 5k's pace of a 10:16 mile. I will be very happy to come in WAY under that,but I also want to run the entire race and finish!

Oh, and I turn 40 in a week.

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