FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, September 17, 2011

It Came and Went

So, it happened. I turned 40 on Tuesday. Let's start things out by saying even though I threw my husband a little family get-together for his 40th (nearly 5 years ago!), I didn't want him to do anything for mine. We had a pretty costly vacation in NYC last month and we're going back in to the city tomorrow to see 'Mary Poppins' on Broadway, so I didn't want him spending any more money. My husband is a worry-wart when it comes to money. He never feels he makes enough, we have enough, there will be enough... you get the picture. However, he is the most generous person you'll ever meet. He loves taking care of me and the kids, especially. So, why did I think he would listen and not do anything?

Well, since he works Tuesday nights and he wouldn't be able to take me out for my 40th, he planned to take me to dinner on Sunday, the 11th. Our favorite local place is Ding How. It's not known for it's wonderful service, but the food is great and so is the price! Anyway, it was sold last year and there's been some changes, namely our hot, sexy Asian, Kenny is no longer there. However, the main change is that the restaurant goes by the name Tony's Asian. This didn't dawn on me until I saw the credit card bill 4 days BEFORE the party. I thought someone had stolen our credit card. I was so sad that I had ruined the surprise. I figured once my husband checked the bills he'd see it and realize I knew. But he never checked the bills. So I kept my mouth closed.

At 5pm, we drove the 2 minutes to the restaurant and I tried my best to give a performance worthy of an Academy Award. I mean, just because there was a charge on the card, it didn't mean ALL of my family was going to be there to celebrate with us. But, everyone was there and I tried to pretend I was shocked. I guess I didn't do a very good job because after it was over my husband wanted to know how I knew, so I told him it was the bill. I hated telling him because I didn't want him to feel bad since he tried so hard to keep it a surprise and his paper trail ruined it. He didn't even tell our KIDS until 5 minutes before we left the house!

I tried to act surprised, but I was more mortified!
We had a great time and everyone was so generous with their gifts for me. I figured that if I got money for my birthday (I know my parents and my f-i-l give us money) that I would get myself a Forerunner. Wouldn't you know that starting on Sunday, Target had the Forerunner 110 on sale for $159?!? So, guess where I went on Monday??? I love it and I got to try it out on Tuesday with a 6 mile run at the track. I set it so it would notify me of my times every 1/4 mile. I took it nice and easy because I wanted to make sure I ran the entire time AND that I finished. Here's what I did the morning of my 40th birthday:
Not too shabby, considering it's the farthest I have ever run outside. Now I wear it on all of my walks with the little ones and I don't have to go on www.mapmywalk.com to figure out my pace (although it was nice to have). I think I'll wear it to the city tomorrow to see how far I walk. Wish I had it on our last trip!!! We walked A LOT!!!

Charlie came home early from work and picked up lunch for us (Subway- Eat Fresh!). I made stuffed zucchini for dinner and then we took the kids to dance and karate. It was an ordinary, run-of-the-mill Tuesday. And the party is over...

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  1. Awww, that's so sweet that he threw you a surprise party--and I think it's great that you tried to act surprised, even though he obviously knows you too well!

    And what an awesome gift to buy yourself! ;)