FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Friday, November 23, 2012


So that Runner's World streak began yesterday. I had also signed up to join Facebook friends in a virtual Turkey Trot, so I had to run 3.1 on Thanksgiving. I'm keeping the "running on Thanksgiving" tradition alive, three years strong. Charlie's knee was bothering him, so I went solo this year. I ran 1.5 miles down the highway and then turned into a development when it happened. I rolled my frickin' left ankle. I couldn't believe it. It hurt slightly and I thought "I just royally effed up my Ragnar Relay." I stopped and checked to see if it started to swell and I walked a little bit to see how it felt. I was glad I had my phone with me, just in case. By some miracle, it felt okay, so I started to run again, but slowly and cautiously. Thankfully, the rest of the run was uneventful and I made it home without having to call in the cavalry. 3.1 in 31:49. Done.

My family celebrates Thanksgiving at my sister's house, and there's a grand total of 28 of us. That's just my parents, siblings, spouses and children (sans 1 brother, his wife and two kids). We sit at three tables and need two turkeys. We all bring appetizers, side dishes and dessert. I decided to make my usual spinach dip (which can be found on the Lipton Vegetable Soup Mix box, minus the water chestnuts) and Cheesy Italian Monkey Bread with marinara sauce for dipping as appetizers. For dinner, I made Alton Brown's Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans because I've discovered I love Brussel sprouts and I found out several of my family members like them, too. Finally, for dessert I made No Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert. I think everything came out delicious, of course there's no accounting for taste.

The buffet consists of two platters of turkey, butternut squash soup, a 1/2 tray of sausage stuffing, a 1/2 tray of my dad's stuffing, 2- 1/2 trays of sweet potatoes (with the melted marshmallows- YUM!), a 1/2 tray of mac and cheese, a tray of garlic string beans, 2- 1/2 trays of my sister's corn bread and my brussel sprouts in the pretty Temptations dish.

I ate like I was being sent to the electric chair. WTF? I had shrimp cocktail, my bread and dip, a stuffed clam, a couple of pigs in a blanket, three medium size glasses of Moscato... Then for dinner I had turkey (white meat), two servings of my dad's stuffing, sweet potatoes, my brussel sprouts, and garlic string beans. For dessert I had some of my eclair and a tiny taste of my sister's pumpkin bars, which was a Paula Deen recipe, so I HAD to try it. I was so stuffed. Forget about a food baby, I went home with food triplets, at least.

It was no surprise that I went home at 8:30 pm and promptly fell into a food coma. Not a great feeling. So, this morning I was back on track. I had my protein bar and vat o'coffee and headed to the gym. I hit the rowing machine for 15 minutes and the arc trainer for 45. I knew I had to run a mile to keep the streak alive, and I thought I could break up my workouts and do it later in the day, outside, when it got warmer. However, I wanted to try out how my left foot was feeling, and I was afraid I might put off the run until it was no longer do-able, and then I'd eff up my streak, so I just jumped on the treadmill. I thought it would be wise to do it at the gym instead of possibly hurting myself again and have to hobble home since Charlie's at work! It actually felt okay. I warmed up just 1 minute, ran for 10 and then finished up with a four minute walk at 3.5 mph. It seems like I didn't do any damage yesterday (to my foot, the scale is a WHOLE other story, I'm sure), thank God.

Back to logging and measuring every morsel at My Fitness Pal, as well. I'm hungry, but I'll live. Either tomorrow or Sunday I HAVE to commit to a long run. I think six miles to start, just slow and steady. SIX WEEKS UNTIL RAGNAR!!!


  1. I keep thinking on trying brussel sprouts but they scare me lol

  2. Sounds like a great day.

    I freakin' love brussel sprouts and also ate them yesterday!

    WHEW! On the ankle.

    28 people!!?? wow!

  3. Holy cow, that is a lot of people to have at one meal! Hope the ankle holds up!

  4. We always have brussels sprouts with our turkey here on Christmas Day, Linda - they're yummy! Your Thanksgiving sounded utterly divine! No wonder you fell into a food coma! I like the idea of the running streak - sounds like a good way to stay motivated in the winter! Take it easy on that ankle!

  5. I LOVE My Fitness Pal - so wish it was around when I lost the weight a few years ago! However, Thanksgiving Day is nothing but a void. I couldn't even begin to count my mad oink-fest!
    But I've been a good note taker ever since.
    Glad you ankle is doing alright!