FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Making A List...

I worked five days and now we're at a standstill. Last week there was going to be a few retake shoots, so I was not needed, since I take the group shots. Then there was the hurricane and EVERYONE didn't work. Now they're dealing with schools that need to reschedule shoots and those that are still closed because of flooding or no electricity. That means I'm not working this week, either. Money is getting tight. Really tight. And guess what's coming? Just the most wonderful time of the frickin' year, right? And right on top of our trip to Miami.

The good thing about being home with a car with no gas is that I'm either home or very close to home, which means I'm not really shopping, and I'm getting stuff done. I realized that lists aren't just for parties and big occasions. Every morning I need to make a list of the things I want to get done. So far, it's working. It's nice to see what needs to get done and that it GOT DONE! I can waste so much time on the computer (ahem) and barely get a load of laundry in. Being home, I feel like I should be productive. Clothes should be clean AND away, dinner should be made, floors should be swept and mopped. Even with all of that, there's still time to watch 'The Chew' and catch up on Facebook, although this week I spent an inordinate amount of time on www.hessexpress.com/fuelinformation looking to find out if my station got another delivery to fill the minivan. Today I wrote "sweep and mop dining room" as one of the ten things on my list. That got me to vacuum the rug under the table, sweep and mop the floor, dust the buffet and side table and wash down the radiators. I also have problem where I have to write down the things I didn't originally list and cross them off, too. It's got to be the Virgo in me.

The last few days I've walked to the gym. That's a half mile walk each way, so it's a nice 10 minute or so warm up and cool down. On Sunday, I walked to the gym and did a short run. I could not believe how long 2 miles felt on the treadmill. I hadn't run in a week. Between the cold I had sitting in my throat and chest, and the hurricane, I just couldn't get it together for a run. It was beyond rough, like just-started-to-run rough. Not good. Yesterday I started Insanity again. Plyometric Cardio, also known as "Imminent Death in 45 minutes or less." Shaun T. appropriately starts us out, after the warm-up, with suicides. How apropos. Since not doing it regularly in the past few months, I really lost a lot of strength. Combine the lack of participation with that cold I've had and it was definitely the perfect storm for a barf-o-rama (remember 'Stand By Me' and LardAss? Apropos again!). Thankfully I held it in. I really need to kick my workouts up if I'm going to be prepared for Miami. Like running 8.4 miles at around 11:30, 6.2 miles at 2:30 am and 2.1 miles around 1:30 pm PREPARED. 16.7 miles in 26 hours in South Florida heat. *gulp*

We're supposed to get another storm tomorrow into Thursday. The dreaded nor'easter. I can't believe people who haven't even begun to get themselves back on their feet from Hurricane Sandy are going to get hit while they are down. Our power company is attempting to get 90% of the customers who lost power back on the grid. Then there's the threat of losing it all over again. A couple of friends posted that they were participating in a virtual run to help the people of NYC that were devastated by the hurricane. The money pledged goes to the Red Cross Disaster Relief. You can run a marathon, half marathon or a 5k, so I decided to run a 5k some time by the 11th to do my part in helping the relief effort. It was the least I could do. You can participate as well. Just got to www.run4nyc.com to learn more.


  1. Agreed with the lists thing- they really are useful and I utilize them a lot, too!

    Bummer about the work thing, though- hope you get some work scheduled soon. hugs

  2. OMG I love lists!!! Sometimes I think if there are no lists I can't even try to do something. Now that we got power last night I have a VERY LONG list of what has to get done, you would think the storm was IN my house LOL.

    I am so inspired by how you are still getting out to run and go to the gym!!!

  3. Signed up --ready to run:) I love the virtual races!

  4. I live by lists!!! I get total satisfaction by crossing things off!! so glad to hear that you have your power back and thinkg are starting to unwind a bit! so crazy huh?

    Awesome that you are getting out and going to the gym...even if it is a "dreadmill" ha ha. sometimes going through an event , such as Sandy, you get kind of overtired...your eating/sleeping habits are off...that will all effect your runs. so hang in there! The closer the ranar gets...the more and more readiy you will be!