FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Friday, November 16, 2012

On The Mend

So I went to the doctor yesterday. I had an appointment, and even though I wasn't a new patient, there was still paperwork to fill out. No more clipboards for this doctor's office. They have these new-fangled iPad looking thingies with a stylus and even a credit card swiper to pay your copay!! It's called the Phreesia Pad. It still took me about a half hour to fill everything out. Annoying. An hour later and the nurse finally called me in to an exam room. After a strep test, lung capacity test and a tympanogram, I saw a doctor. She checked my ears, nose and glands and said I had an ear infection, sinusitis, and the beginnings of bronchitis. I was just glad to hear it wasn't just a virus and with some antibiotics I would finally get some relief. 5 pills, 5 days. I've only taken one dose and I already feel 100% better than I did. Thanks for all of your get well wishes! Pray I don't get the dreaded side effects of antibiotics!!

Pretty cool, huh?

Since I felt so much better this morning, I figured I'd get to the gym and at least walk. I was a real slug yesterday and the inactivity made me feel even worse. I got on the treadmill and could only manage 1/2 a mile before I was bored out of my skull. I jumped on the arc trainer, figuring I would just take it easy. As I was walking to the machine I was thrilled to discover that our gym now has a ROWING MACHINE!! I used to love rowing (on a machine) in college! <ASIDE: Did you hear about Jon Bon Jovi's daughter overdosing on heroin? She was found in her dorm room at Hamilton College, my alma mater. I never thought I went to a party school. I hope she's doing alright now.> Anyway, the rowing machine was taken, so I did a half hour on the arc trainer and then hopped onto the rower. Gosh, I absolutely LOVED it. It was a fantastic full body workout. 15 minutes and I rowed about 2600 meters, which I just learned is about 1.6 miles. I did another 15 minutes on the arc trainer after that and another 1/2 mile cool down walk on the treadmill. I really hadn't planned on working out that hard after feeling like death warmed over yesterday, but I'm so glad I did. I hope to be able to run tomorrow!

In other news, it's my parents' 55th wedding anniversary! Can you imagine? They've been through a whole lot, and even though they bicker to beat the band, they love each other so much and are the best role models for their kids and grandkids. I hope to celebrate 55 years of wedded bliss with my Charlie. Only 38 years to go!

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  1. Wow that's crazy, but glad you have some answers and some medicine that is working. I wish my gym had a rowing machine....