FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Day Late

*This was supposed to post yesterday, but I fell asleep before I could find the picture I wanted!*

16 days running at least a mile a day. Didn't think I would make it this far. Of course I'm wondering when I'm going to get that run in on Christmas day, but if I just commit to one mile, that's not even ten minutes. With a warm up and cool down, that's a whopping 20 minutes. I think I can squeeze that in between the kids opening their gifts, making a big Christmas morning breakfast and prepping for my guests for dinner, right? Planning is the key! I bet I can get out of the house, run and get back home before they even wake up! They're not three and five anymore.

Today I ran 1.7 miles in 15 minutes. That's 6.8 mph! I love the treadmill again. With the tap of a button I HAVE to run faster, and I'm realizing that I have it in me to run more than a minute at 7.5 mph. It may take me breaking down every minute I run at a very uncomfortable speed into 5 second increments, playing math games in my mind, to endure the interval. 5 seconds... 1/12th... 10 seconds...1/6th... 30 seconds...1/2... Before I know it, I've run the minute, and then I'll assess how I feel. I'll say to myself  "I can go another minute," and that usually translates into "I can handle this pace for an entire quarter mile."

I have to admit, it also helps having all of those people around me in the gym! It REALLY helps when there's somebody running on one of the treadmills with me. I do try not to get on a treadmill on top of someone else, but sometimes there's no choice- the tv doesn't work on this one, there's ruts in the bed on that one... I kind of like the competition. It keeps me motivated.

27 days until we run the Ragnar Relay! This running streak is certainly helping me prepare. Yesterday I ran 4 miles in 37:30. I'm finally getting more miles in. I still can't believe it's FOUR weeks away. This entire year has been consumed with planning and thinking about this momentous event in our lives. We've spent countless hours on Facebook getting to know each other and rooting each other on, celebrating all of our running accomplishments these past months, as well as life's major events. Katie ran her first and second marathon. Lealah ran her first marathon and Carly ran her first half. Then Mary had the best news ever when she announced she was unable to remain on the team since she is expecting her first little "nugget!" It's amazing where this little plan of Katie's and Rik's has taken us (although we had nothing to do with Nugget!)!

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