FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Sunday, April 29, 2012


If old posts are showing up in your blog feed, I'm just doing some editing. You don't have to read them again. I have no idea why you have to hit "Publish Post" when they were already posted. Why can't they just have a "Save Changes" button?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Fat To Finish Line

As I'm mulling over the words to write, I'm thinking "This can't possibly be happening to me. I'm not worthy. Things like this don't happen to people like me." But they are, and they are happening to 11 other people just like me. 12 people who were obese. God, I hate that word, but it's the truth. No matter how we may have referred to ourselves- husky, chunky, fluffy, plus-sized... the reality is we were OBESE. Unhealthy. Slowly killing ourselves with food.

But something in all of us made us want to change. Whether it was the motivation to lose weight for a high school reunion (80 pounds in 2 months? Could happen! NOT!) or the fact that I was a moment away from being diagnosed with hypertension or worse, a kidney disease (thankfully I was not), I decided I had enough.

I started eating less and moving more. I lost weight. The conversation I had with my husband over the Biggest Loser marathon was looming in the back of my mind. He asked if I ever contemplated running one, and if so, he would join me. Could I really run? Instead of blowing the idea off as insanity, I tried. I started going to the track. I would run half a lap. That eighth of a mile felt like it was going to kill me, but I kept at it. I started to fall in love with running, not just because of what it could do for my body, but what it did for my mind. It started to help me like myself, to be proud of something that I did, just for me.

I'm forever looking for inspiration  and motivation to keep me going, and lo and behold, Katie's success video was posted via Spark People on Facebook back in June. Watching that video, I cried. I saw myself in her before photos and I felt the pride she must feel for having taken control of her life and succeeded, because I was finally there too. I'm at a weight I'm not embarrassed to say, in a size that frankly, I'm STUNNED by, and I'm now a participant in life, rather than a spectator.

After watching that video, I started following Katie's blog. I loved reading about all of her running accomplishments, including several half-marathons and a Ragnar Relay. Rik approached Katie with the idea to create a Ragnar team comprised of 12 people who all lost a substantial amount of weight using running as a tool. Katie invited me to be one of those 12 members. Me? Really?!? I had to think long and hard about it. The cost...the commitment...the responsibilities of home were all things that could make a trip like this all just too much. But, I have such an amazing husband. Charlie said if I wanted to do it, we'd find a way.

The team started coming together...we were from all different walks of life, but the common denominator was our weight loss achievements and our desire to run. That sparked an idea in Jen's mind. Since she is a television producer by trade, she realized that this journey of ours would make an incredible documentary! 12 people that were, like 65% of America, facing the insurmountable task of losing weight, but became part of the small percentage to keep it off. And they were running. We all ran while we were overweight. We didn't wait to be thin to start. This film will prove to those who are struggling with their weight that they can do it too. They can achieve the unthinkable, just like us. From our stories, From Fat To Finish Line was born.

"You don't have to be great to start. You just have to start to be great."

So like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter- @FatToFinishFilm. You'll be able to find links to all of the great blogs everyone writes, keep track of all the events we're running in and follow us where ever this crazy train is heading. All because I said "Yes" to run a relay.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taking It To The Streets...

Any Doobie Brothers fans out there? (Neither am I, it's just the perfect title for today's post!) Anyway, my hip/thigh muscle is still weird. I obviously pushed myself too hard on the treadmill on Tuesday and effed it up! But I only feel a twinge here and there when I lean on the right side of my leg, like when you get in the car or lounge on the couch on that side with my legs crossed... make any sense? I have no problems walking or going up and down stairs or doing the elliptical... So yesterday I decided to attempt a run outside and see how my leg felt. No problems whatsoever!

Sorry it's so dark- that's 3 miles in 28:41!

According to my Garmin I ran 3 miles, but when I went to www.mapmywalk.com and also mapped it out on www.dailymile.com they came up with 3.12 miles. I will definitely take that! I am striving for a 5k under 30:00, but 29:00 sounds even better! I think I may just be converting to an outdoor runner! Now to start adding some mileage and really training for my half in October!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Really Mother Nature? Is it even POSSIBLE to be up 8 pounds in one week? Three days off from exercising, a couple of binges and a visit from Aunt Flo and this is what stares back at me:

Frick Me!

Sickening! And all I keep thinking about is how I want to be under 140. Can't possibly get there with what I've been up to.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My 100th Post!

Can NOT believe I've had enough to say to fill 100 entries. What's even more surprising is that there have been people that actually READ them! I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read my drivel and leaves me little nuggets of encouragement or tiny insights into their own lives. It's been a lot of fun getting to know the people I read about and have become friends with. I look forward to reading the blogs I follow. I hope I can do the same for you!

So, it FINALLY came today! My husband gave me the go-ahead to buy Insanity if I really liked it... don't have to tell me twice! (And before anyone gets upset with me getting "permission" to purchase something (like if my mother read this!): 1). It was $145 for another exercise thingy, (I have a basement graveyard full of exercise thingies), 2). we're trying to tighten the belt buckle since we have two weddings this year AND Ragnar Key West in January AND 3). I do PLENTY of unauthorized shopping. This time I don't have to hide anything!)

Can you believe I paid $25 s/h and they had the post office deliver it?

I had plenty of time today to crack her open and do it, but I ran on the treadmill this morning and my hip/ass muscle feels all wonky now. I just did intervals of .25 miles at either 6.5 and 7.0 mph, nothing out of the ordinary. Don't know why it feels like this. Maybe being away from the treadmill for more than a week did me in? This is not just an excuse. When I get in the car and sit on my right hip, it hurts! I hope to God it's temporary!

The little book thing has the 12 DVDs in it. Tiny little box that fit into my mailbox...$25. Grrrr!

Since When?

Um, since when do you pay $24.95 to have frickin' DVDs shipped? AND since when does Fed-Ex ship your package to the local post office for delivery? Well, I guess the answer would be now! Tracking my package and the e-mail told me it was in my town! WOO HOO! And then the next time I looked it was delivered to my local post office and should take one or two days more for delivery! What kind of bs is that?!? Hmmmph...no fair!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Who else hates change? Anyone else annoyed that Blogger had to change their format? I could barely navigate the old one. Just like good ole' Facebook. I'm still not on the new Timeline format and I hope it never changes! Timeline reminds me of a dang collage, where everything is all over the place. Why? I might have no choice in the matter, but I'll go along kicking and screaming! For now I just clicked on "Old Format" and it brought me right back to the pretty old "interface." Let's see how long I can keep it that way!

Anyway, yesterday was a rough day since my dad had to have surgery to get a defibrillator implanted. He has a bad arrhythmia that couldn't be fixed with the cardiac ablation he had a few months ago, so in case that ever causes him to go into cardiac arrest, he may be shocked back to life. The procedure was quick (he was at the hospital for 8 am and we saw him in recovery at 10:15am!) and he looked great. He wasn't happy with staying overnight, but if it were up to me I'd make him live there so I wouldn't worry as much! While in recovery we saw his "cardiac electrophysiologist," (the doctor that specializes in the heart's electrical system), and he explained that the defibrillator will give him another chance at life, but "he won't live forever. None of us will." Is this something you say to a patient and his family RIGHT after surgery? Jackass. Can't ever imagine life without them.

Mom and Dad, parents of 7, grandparents of 14 (with 1 on the way!)!!

So, with being at the hospital most of the day, then coming home and returning phone calls and getting stuff done around the house, I didn't workout. A change in my routine throws me for a loop. See? Creature of habit. My nephew was here this morning, so I think I'm going to the gym for a run this afternoon since it's supposed to get up to 66* today. I haven't run at the gym all week! That's different! Right now, I swear I don't feel like doing anything!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Look What I can Do!!

(Said in my best Stuart from MadTv voice...)

Anyhow, I decided to go for an outdoor run today, IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! That's a huge deal. If I run outside, it's usually at the track, but that's pretty boring. (That's why I actually prefer the treadmill: music + television + people = distraction.) Since it was overcast and cool I thought it's basically now or never. I popped one earbud in, put my Garmin on and headed out. I didn't plot my course, but I have my favorite streets I like to go down, certain houses I like to see (for inspiration) and puppies that always say hello when I'm on a walk with the little ones. I was a bit slower than at the track, but that's not surprising seeing I had some hills AND it was garbage day.


Not bad, considering I haven't run that far outside since my 10k in September! I'm turning over a new leaf and attempting to do at least ONE outdoor run a week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a Weigh-In Wednesday!

Well, the hard work and jaw-wiring has paid off. Just kidding, although some days I think I might need to do just that! Anyhow, my routine is back to normal since the kids are back in school and I've been REALLY conscious of what and when I'm eating. Damn it, that witching hour(s)! You know, the time when you're sitting on the couch after all the chores of the day are done (or ignored) and your favorite show is on television, and you just want to eat? I think it's because I associate tv WITH eating. Maybe it's "Triple D" and "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" and "No Reservations" and "Man vs. Food" that makes me associate tv with eating? DUH. Between 8pm and 10pm are the hardest for me. Then there's also the middle-of-the-night bathroom trips where I find myself grabbing a Pop Tart or granola bar to eat before I fall back to sleep. I know ALL OF THE ABOVE is hindering my progress, and I even say all the things you're SUPPOSED to say to yourself when you're reaching for the pretzels or Doritos and you know you're not hungry, I just overrule all of it.

However, since Friday I have been binge-free. Now, I haven't been able to binge like I used to, when I was nearly 230 pounds, but I still managed to do major damage with the Easter holiday and all of the treats associated with it. The scale read 161 one day. Are you frickin' kidding me?!? Not one bite of the Oreo brownie (VERY dry), Cadbury Cream Eggs (SO much smaller than they used to be!), cream cheese frosting (not the same unless on carrot cake!), onion dip (soup mix and sour cream, so NOT special!), kettle chips or any of the other crap I ingested (the word "ate" would suggest I even TASTED the food) was worth it. So, basically I proved to myself that "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." I just have to force myself to believe that when I'm in the snack cabinet.

So, with eating and hydrating properly and running and Insanity and the Arc trainer, the scale has moved, in the RIGHT direction:

Note to self: PEDICURE!

(God, I have Fred Flintstone feet! My grandma tried to tell us it was from walking around barefoot. Do any of you have a clue why people have flat feet?)

I am going to try and run outside more often. I get even more anxious before an outdoor run than a treadmill run. I think it's because I put so much pressure on myself to improve with EVERY stinking run, either by increasing distance, doing faster intervals or achieving a new PR. Yesterday I hit the track and ran 3 miles in 28:26, but I took a water break at miles 1 and 2, stopping my Garmin. What sucked about the run (and played with my head) was that one side of the track was stifling hot because of the full sun (and 65* temp) and the other side I was running straight into the wind. So, I didn't want to run fast on the hot side because I felt like I would die and I just COULDN'T run fast on the windy side. I DEFINITELY need to log more miles outdoors!

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Ball is Rolling!

Last night was our Ragnar team's first conference call! It was my first chance to connect a voice to all of the pictures that I've seen on blogs and Facebook... When I was dialing the number, my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding out of my chest (it didn't help that I had just finished Insanity's Plyometric Cardio Circuit just 10 minutes prior). And then Rik, the team captain, asked us to introduce ourselves and give a little insight into why we were doing the relay. Now I had to talk on TOP of those nerves?!? Thankfully he didn't get to me for a while so I had a chance to write something down and be semi-prepared. I think I probably STILL sounded like an ass.

My first run- 3.5 miles.

So in that 2 hour and 9 minute call, we covered A LOT of ground. We discussed mandatory gear, (per the Ragnar Race Bible), as well as items that would be necessary just to make the experience more enjoyable, like a sleep sack (note to self: Google that!). Other topics of discussion were hotel accommodations, pre-race team dinner arrangements and a post-race team farewell brunch on Sunday. One of the most anticipated highlights of the call? LEG ASSIGNMENTS! I was tentatively Leg #6, which was an 8.7 miler, 7.8 miler and a 4.1 miler. Although I know I could handle any one of those legs on any given day, having to do all THREE of them within a 36 hour period was possibly setting myself up for failure. I also felt that our captain, being a seasoned runner and Ragnarian, should have the challenge. Rik was graciously allowing everyone else to choose their legs and was about to leave himself with only a choice between easy runs. He seemed happy to finally be in Van #1, which includes runners 1-6.

My 2nd run- 6.2 miles.

Unfortunately, the 12 runner positions are categorized by mileage/elevation. There are 6 hard/very hard (most mileage), 3 moderate and 3 easy positions (the least mileage). So, seeing there are more hard positions than the others and as of yet I have not done a half-marathon and don't have the experience like some of the others, I chose Runner #8. That consists of a 3.5 mile run, 6.2 mile run and a 2.1 mile run, totalling 11.8 miles. Much more doable. I'm in van #2, with Meredith, Jen S., Allison, Ada and John. I think we'll have a great time.

My final run- 2 miles.

I'm still having to pinch myself to wake up from this dream! I can't believe it's really happening. Oh, did I mention that our teammate Jen R. is an owner of a television and film production company? Did I mention she's trying to put together a documentary based on our weight-loss journeys and the huge part that running has played in our successes, with the culmination of the film being the 200 mile Relay? Unfrickin' believable!!! No WAY this can be happening!

(On a sad note: there's a hold on Insanity and it's due back at the library today. I'll try and get one more workout in today before I have to part with Shaun T. Cue sad music...)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Well, that would imply that there was actually some action going on, which there really wasn't. I'm behind on Insanity and I have only walked a bit the last few days. I also overate just about every day this week. Scary how quickly we can ease back into bad habits, and yet it takes so long to create good ones. I wasn't surprised when I saw that the scale reflected that. I think I got it all out of my system. I went and ran at the gym and managed 6 miles in 59:09 and then I walked a mile in 16:30 on a 5.0 incline. My right quad is angry at me, but I still plan to get my Fit Test in and see how much speed and strength has improved over the last few weeks. Ooh, which reminds me- I need to try and renew Insanity from the library for another 3 weeks!

I know Biggest Loser is the season of "No excuses" and they've really driven that point home, but I'm thinking I may be stressing a bit because I'm realizing that the Ragnar Relay really is happening! I guess I'm still doubting myself as a runner. Thankfully, we have 8 1/2 months to train and prepare. We have our first team "meeting" (conference call) tomorrow night at 5pm. I can't wait to get to know everyone.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

Unexpected day off yesterday. I hit the gym early so I'd get in a workout before the little ones came for the day. With the craziness of Easter, I'm behind on my Insanity workouts. They basically just cycle through the same ones until you reach Month Two, so I don't have to bore you with daily updates. They are really tough, but exhilarating workouts. Tomorrow will be my end of week two, so it's time for a  Fit Test recheck. I had to write down how many of each exercise I could do. I can't wait to see the improvement. I have to say, I can actually do REAL push-ups now! That in and of itself is a major accomplishment!

Ok, just finished Cardio Power, and the few days I took off seemed to make the workout harder! Major indigestion! I'm thinking I should do these workouts first thing in the morning and save the gym for the afternoon. Blech!

Weigh-in tomorrow won't be pretty. One reason:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

So, this was the first year that the "Easter Bunny" did not hide chocolate eggs and leave a note for the kids as to how many and what color eggs they should find. (Charlie would always find the obvious ones so quickly and we would have to stop him so he didn't find them ALL!) I think at 15 and 13, it's about time. Charlie said we should just find different hiding spots, but then we'd need a master list of WHERE we hid them so we find them all and Molly doesn't!

I always get my husband some candy. He can use the extra calories! Dark chocolate dipped Peeps! I hope someone is willing to share with me!

I've already eaten a Snickers Peanut Butter egg and a few Reese's mini cups. They were ok, nothing spectacular. I still have to make my deviled eggs and the pizza pinwheels to bring to my parents house this afternoon. The spinach dip and Nana's Applecake were made yesterday. I should have bought a veggie platter! DUH! Maybe my dad made some (fingers crossed).

After an 8 mile run and bloody nips, I still pulled it together and did my Insanity workout at 5 pm yesterday. Walking is a bit harder today and my back is a bit stiff. I don't plan on doing the workout before I go to my parents, depends on how busy I am. Will I come home from my parents' house tonight and do it? It's a nice thought...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It Actually Happened To Me!!! (WARNING!! stomach-turning content)


Yesterday was a horribly busy day. I babysat the 2 little ones all day and I hosted my family's egg coloring get-together, so I couldn't get to the gym for my regular elliptical/arc trainer workout. Everybody who could make it came around 1:30 pm and didn't leave until almost 6 pm, so then it was time to make dinner (last meatless Friday of Lent!) and feed my family.

One of my 25 year old niece's contributions...she did an entire Angry Bird scene!

Guess what? After dinner I didn't feel like working out, so my husband and I got to watch my other lovuh, Justin Timberlake, in 'Friends With Benefits.' Let's just say that that is as good a movie as the book '50 Shades of Grey' supposedly is. (*wink, wink*). Anyway, no Insanity workout! I feel so guilty leaving Shaun high and dry! Oh, well. My husband gets home from work early today. Maybe I can finally convince him to try it with me. Not holding my breath for it.

Anyway, so that brings us to today. I didn't have my nephew this morning so I could get to the gym early for my long run. Aerobically, I feel like I could handle a marathon, no problem. But the legs grow heavy and weary. I have to cut my long run in 2 sections because the damn treadmill has a one hour timer on it. So, I ran 5 miles in 50:37, then I ran 3 miles in 30:27. That's just a little over a 10 minute mile. Awesome. I walk a slow 1/2 a mile to cool down, go get wipes to clean off the treadmill and head to the locker room to stretch. Imagine my surprise when I saw this staring back at me from the mirror:

HOLY SH#T! I walked through half the gym with bloody nips! (It was actually worse at the gym, but since my shirt is soaked through with sweat, the blood kind of got diluted a bit.) This is totally MORTIFYING!!!! I have never had that happen before! I definitely have experienced chafing, but not to the point of bleeding! All I can think of is the video 'Marathon Thoughts' that I posted a while back. "Who will feed my babies...?" The strange thing is, you'd think my boobies would look horrifically ugly, but they don't.

What the hell am I supposed to do about this (other than wear a dark tech t-shirt from now on)? My sports bra seems to hold the girls in place really well, so they're not bouncing in my face... they're too deflated to do that now, anyway. Anybody else have this happen? Any suggestions? 

At least I didn't "pants my poop," yet.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Late Start

It was the first day of vacation yesterday. My frickin' husband woke me up at 6am (from a nice little daydream,  I might add) to ask if my son had school. Well, the school calendar is on the side of the fridge, and every day that they are off is highlighted in purple. (ASIDE: Do you do that? Get the school calendar in the mail a couple of weeks before school starts and highlight the sh*t out of it? Well, I have two kids in two different schools right now, so they each have their own color for events and important notices pertaining to each of them.) NOT TO MENTION I kept telling him how many days they had until they were off. It's really my own fault for talking to the side of his head on a continual basis while he plays MLB The Show on the PS3.

So, I decided to not go to the gym early and "hang out" until he went to work at 10:30am. We just sit in the living room and watch Live With Kelly while eating breakfast- NOTHING spectacular. I managed to run on two of my regular running days this week (T and TH)! AND I had a great run, to boot yesterday. 5 miles in 45:27! Just over a 9 minute mile! So maybe I'm not dropping a ton of weight, but Insanity might just be helping with my speed. I'll take that.

Pure Cardio was on the agenda. Every DVD starts out with a 12 minute "warm-up," followed by a 5 minute stretch, then the "max interval training," and ending with another 5 minute stretch. As you're bent over, at the end, stretching your hip-flexors and what have you, (praising God Almighty that you survived another round), the sweat is just pouring off your body. I am SO not afraid of sweating. There's no better feeling. I KNOW I did what I had to do when I'm dripping like that.

See the difference at the bottom of my shirt? Look at my sweaty knees, for Godsakes!

Do y'all like to sweat, too?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insanity Link

Ahhh...the first day of Easter vacation. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And I will be torturing myself with a run and another Insanity workout. If you're interested in finding out more about Insanity, you can just Google "Insanity Workout," but here's the main link: Insanity DVDs

Want to see what you're in for?

There's my lovuh! Yum.

They're not cheap. 3 payments of $40 and $25 shipping and handling! Now THAT'S insanity! I've found it for less in other online stores, so I'm thinking about it. I absolutely remember QVC having it sometime last year, but not anymore. (I LOVE QVC for their easy-pay plan!)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The New Love Of My Life

**SIGH** But is that a frickin' wedding ring on his finger? That totally DESTROYS the fantasy y'all! So after I Googled images of "Shaun Thompson" I then had to find out if, in fact, he's married. One "article" says he's gay. Now, I can work my fantasy around him being married, but I'll NEVER be able to turn his head if he's gay. I can still appreciate and admire this fine specimen, though.

Shaun and I still had a date with Cardio Power today. I'm going to try my damnedest not to stand him up! This is after spending 45 minutes on the elliptical and 45 minutes on the ARC trainer at the gym this morning, mind you. I probably should have waited a smidge longer after eating a piece of toast with a scrambled egg and a vat o'coffee. I can still feel it up near my throat. So, more power jumps, globe jumps, belt kicks, hurdles, tricep dips, etc. Sweat was flying everywhere. I'll just blame the wet spots on the dog. The librarian is going to have to pry this system away from my death grip in order for me to return it. I just don't know if I can swing purchasing it for $145 right now. What will I do if I can't get my Shaun T. abs fix?

----NEWS FLASH----- The scale read 155.4 this morning. Batteries were dead in the camera. I'm pretty sure you all know what my scale looks like saying "155.4" anyway. It's what I weighed back on 2/22/12. Bummer.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Power Squats, Push-up Jacks and Suicides...Oh My

Day 5...Plyometric Cardio. Felt the stomach contents rising on one occasion. Took a break. Pushed through. "Dug deeper," as the hottie Shaun would say. I do think, even in one short week, that I'm improving. Let's see if all of this really can make me a faster runner. Speaking of running, I'm running today. My last run was Wednesday. NOT a good thing. Won't be a speed demon anytime soon.

Best news of all? A BREAK FROM THE INSANITY TODAY!! Then it's back to the torture tomorrow...

My "inspiration!" *yum*

Monday, April 2, 2012

"This Sh*t Is Bananas..."

says Shaun T. after our Pure Cardio workout, while laying on the gymnasium floor, dripping with sweat (still looking mighty fine, I tell you). Yesterday was Day 4 of Insanity and I'm actually looking forward to the workouts! Might sound crazy, but I feel stronger already! Let's see how I feel after Plyometric Cardio today.

And it's always two steps forward, three steps back. This time Miss Little Debbie got the best of me last night, even after I said to myself that if I REALLY wanted them I could have them in the morning...

Damn you and your sugary, vegetable shortening CRAPPY goodness!