FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where Did The Time Go?

Friday night was my niece's wedding. I was thinking that this was the first wedding for someone I have known his/her entire life. I just realized now that that would have been my younger brother's wedding, but he's a boy, so that doesn't really count. I was 15 when Keri was born. I did a lot of babysitting for my sister. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was in their apartment, blaring Billy Joel and Madonna to entertain her. I vividly remember her in her pajamas, (you know the ones that are one piece and snap from the thigh up and there always seemed to be an extra snap somehow?), standing up, leaning on the back of the couch, staring at our reflections in the big mirrors that lined the wall. She had a conniption when I laid her down to rub some Orajel on her gums and started choking. That sent me in a panic. Music does soothe the savage beast, because there she was, giggling at herself, while I was crying, thinking I almost killed her!

Keri and my sister Laura

So, fast forward about 25 years, and there we are, sitting in the church, waiting for her to walk down the aisle. I don't know how my sister was still standing. I was crying BEFORE she walked in! Once I saw her, I was just blown away. She looked absolutely beautiful. I just couldn't help but smile.

Keri and her dad, Mike
(I had two cameras with me, one set to take black and white or sepia pictures and one for color!)

Keri and Jerry
It seems Jerry was able to hold it together during his part of the vows (unlike MY husband), but Keri was very emotional. They've been together since he came to her high school graduation party in 2005!

The entire wedding party didn't fit in the shot. 8 bridesmaids and 7 ushers!
My FAVORITE picture!
Then it was off to the reception for a little too much food and Pinot Grigio. (I was channeling my inner Ramona Singer, although I hope I didn't humiliate or insult anyone like she does!) I think I was successful at dancing off plenty of those calories. I still think I'm in high school and I listen to the Top 40's pop station, so I was in my glory! I do love me some Pit Bull! "Excuse me, I might drink a little more than I should tonight..."

Charlie and I caught in a rare moment sitting down!

We were on that dance floor until the last song was played. Keri danced the night away, as well. Jerry, not so much.

Keri doing the Cupid Shuffle

Everything went perfectly for her special day. Keri just seems to have that luck, where if something can go wrong it WILL go wrong. It's a running joke with everyone who knows her, so for the groom not to pass out or the cake to NOT fall on the floor, (the groom cake topper was carrying a golf bag!), it's a major success!

We got home at 2am and crashed. Yesterday was a lazy day for all of us. I did manage to spend an hour on the arc trainer to start off on the right foot with the "Spectacular September Challenge" I'm participating in on Facebook with a Beach Body coach (I belong to the free Beach Body website since purchasing Insanity). Today I was supposed to get up and run. Well, you know how that went. I have tomorrow morning free, so I'll prepare better for it tonight.

I hope you all have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! School starts on Tuesday. :(


  1. She makes a beautiful bride! Looks like a wonderful time and you're looking pretty awesome yourself!

  2. Oh my gosh! She is gorgeous! I loved her dress. And I love the pic of you too!

  3. How fun!!!

    Everyone looks great & I love your outfit!!!