FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

I wish I had more to write about. Life is pretty boring and uneventful when we're back in the every day routine. I guess I should be thankful, right? Yesterday was a typical summer vacation day without the kids I babysit. I did the usual on the computer and then spent an hour at the gym on the arc trainer. Holy crap- I miss the Olympics! I wound up watching Hoda and Kathie Lee, and they can be pretty entertaining. It really cracks me up that they're regularly consuming alcohol at 10am. Great gig if you can get it, huh?

I got home and spent an hour mowing the back yard and attempting to avoid all of Molly's piles of poo. If you didn't know we had a dog, you'd probably assume we had a horse! I then took a long shower to wash off what seems to be every spider web known to man that I managed to walk through while mowing and dumping grass clippings in the lot across the street. Nasty.

Bad girl on Chelsea's bed!

After getting pretty, I made dinner. Exciting, no? We were done early and it's been so beautiful so I asked Charlie if he'd like to go for a walk. We wound up taking a two mile walk around the neighborhood and did not get eaten alive. That's because we were actually armed with bug spray. Had we not brought it along, we both would have been two enormous, pulsating bug bites.

Today I babysat for the 1st time in almost 2 weeks. I was on vacation starting the 2nd, and then they were on vacation (to Disney World, the lucky ducks!) last week. School starts three weeks from today. The kids I watch will be in 2nd grade and kindergarten- full-time school for both of them. So, "working" from home will be coming to an end for me. I have not worked outside the home since February '96. I haven't applied for a job since August '94. It's nerve-wracking. I would REALLY like to do something with our school district, either being a teacher's assistant or a bus matron. I would prefer to still be off when my kids are off, even though they are 16 and 14. I don't want them sitting at home, fending for themselves or waiting for me or their dad to come home to help them with what they need, be it a ride to the library or to a friend's house. I feel I still need to be here and they still need me. The time when they won't need me will be here sooner than I think. Until then, I want to be around for everything.

So, I guess there are some things simmering on the stove. I need to find a job because we definitely need the money and, if you haven't heard already, our documentary From Fat To Finish Line needs money, too. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. A pledge of $25 gets you a special edition DVD, and if you make a pledge and by September 13th (my 41st birthday by the way) we don't make our goal (God forbid!) your credit card does not get charged. You can pledge as little as $1!! My girlfriend Belinda helped out last night- thanks Belinda!!! Maybe I can work on a special thank you for my blog readers that help us out...


  1. I love non-exciting days like yours....better than drama any day, right?

  2. Your dog is so cute!!

    The documentary is so exciting, I am sure it will come together! Positive thinking yields positive results, right?!?!