FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Thursday, June 7, 2012

National Running Day!

More like "National Running Month," literally. The month of June is always a shitstorm of activities for this household. Having 2 teenagers involved in extra-curricular activities added to the things I'm into makes for an absurdly busy few weeks. This week is probably the worst.

Monday night was the only free night to get my daughter's hair cut before the big 8th grade dance tomorrow night. Finally got that done after promising her "this weekend" about 4 times. Tuesday I needed 2 of me. Chelsea had dress rehearsal for her dance recital in a town about 30 minutes away at the same time as Charlie's only public jazz band performance of the year. Seeing as I'll be able to view Chelsea's dances AT the actual recital, I luckily have a gf who's daughter is also friend's with Chelsea AND in both dance classes. They took her to the rehearsal for me. PHEW! Jazz band was awesome!

Then, yesterday again I was supposed to be in 2 places at once. It was the last big meeting for Relay For Life where we pick up our team's t-shirts and pick out our campsite for the night. I couldn't miss that since I always want the site that's closest to the parking lot for easier loading and unloading of all the paraphernalia necessary for relaying overnight, like a tent, camp chairs, coolers full of food and drinks, clothes, raffle baskets... You get the picture. Not only was there a meeting, but it was Chelsea's Honor Society Induction. Now, she was actually inducted (That word makes me think of the scene in 'Fun With Dick and Jane.' "I'm being indicted!") last year, so this year, as an upperclassman, she was doing a few introductions and readings about H.S. So, I had to send her ahead with her father and run from the meeting all the way to her school 7 miles away. I unfortunately missed all of her stints at the podium, but I was there to receive a rose with her dad in appreciation of the work we put into our kids' education as parents. I also got to witness the candle and swearing in ceremony. So proud of my kids!

Chelsea, last year

But yesterday was also National Running Day as well! Thankfully I wasn't babysitting at all so I decided that even though I run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, I would run a mile in honor of the big day. Since I was ONLY running a mile, I decided to go balls to the wall and see just how fast I can be. It was tough, but I pushed.

That's a mile in 8:06! Holy crap!

I'm supposed to be in cardio recovery week for Insanity. It's the week in between Month 1 and Month 2. I just haven't had the time for a second workout since I have the kids across the street after school until 5 pm-ish. I haven't decided whether to get to that week's workouts when I can and still go full steam ahead with Month 2 next week or possibly do Month 1 over again. I'm REALLY terrified of Month 2! I know what M1 brought and I'm willing to put myself through that again. Not so sure about being able to handle M2!!

Today is an easy day. Put 2 on the bus, p/u one from pre-k, pick up 3 from the bus, make dinner and get Charlie to the high school so he can perform at Scholarship Night. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today with all of the babysitting, then Chelsea has her big dance and Charlie has karate. Saturday morning is my local 5k!! Gotta beat 27:52!! Then I'm having family over for Chelsea's birthday. Sunday is a dance recital marathon. Three shows at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. That means we have to be out the door at 9:30am and probably won't step foot back in the house until 10pm. Can not WAIT for that to be D-O-N-E! Only 4 more days of classes and then the dreaded testing begins. THEN RELAY ON THE 15TH!!!! We've been working towards that for 4 months. We're so very happy to see our mom walk the survivor lap another year! Thank God!

What's going on in your neighborhood?


  1. not THAT much, fo sho! ;) I bet during times like these you are extra thankful for your fitness level!

  2. Wow you are busy!! I totally understand what you mean about being in 2 places at once. I need to hologram myself! I agree with Tina. Your fitness level is keeping you in the game and able to get everything done. You're awesome!

  3. Yes I like to stay on the run :) I never knew there was a running day!!!

  4. you are busy and getting speedy!! Way to keep all those balls in the air PLUS get your runs in.

  5. June is a crazy month here too!!

    I think you could outrun Shaun T.!!! :-)

    Keep up the good work!!