FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

These Dreams...

I have been dreaming A LOT lately AND remembering them, too! I wonder if it's a result of my falling asleep by 8pm and waking up before the crack of dawn (yesterday was 4:15am). Thank goodness the television shows I follow are either on Free On Demand from my cable company or they're repeated numerous times during the week. (That would include my Bravo reality trash favorites like 'Bethenny Ever After' and almost all of the 'Real Housewives' cities.)

My husband's favorite- stuffed French toast!

Last night I dreamt I was at my mother's house. It must have been a Sunday because almost all of my family was there, and we really do get together after church on Sundays at my parents' house for coffee, rolls and bagels and a lot of LOUD conversation (that's just to be heard). So, I'm one of 5 sisters. My ex-brother-in-law calls us "the council" because we weigh-in on every important topic. Anyway, (our conversations head off on tangents left and right, just like that, and we can't remember our original thought!), two of my sisters were talking about not eating breakfast and I chime in with "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Do you know that people who regularly eat breakfast are 65% more likely to weigh less than those who don't." Now, that was a dream statistic, not FACTUAL data, but I can't believe I'm coaching people IN MY DREAMS!

In reality, we do have conversations about losing weight and that yes, it's hard, but it's not a secret. I eat less than I used to and I move a hell of a lot more. I want everyone to just do it!

Anyone else frustrated with a loved one about their weight and the actions they are not taking to get on track?


  1. I am actually the one that causes frustration. My boyfriend gets upset when I eat late at night...but then he snacks too! :)

  2. Aaron hasnt done P90X in a while. I think I will be the only one to finish it out. Which is fine but I would love for him to be more active. He doesnt have a weight issue but he does have past history of cancer so I really want him to be as healthy as possible. I guess I have to give him kudos for eating the clean food I make and that is one step in the right direction.

    Glad to see you post again! I missed ya!

  3. My family tends to follow my lead, so I try hard to set a good example.

    Good for you, for caring!

    Can i just say, that french toast looks AMAZING!!

  4. ugh, everyone in my family for sure!! A very close family member of mine just recently had a stroke, and she is still eating poorly. It kills me. Another family member is (NO JOKE) as big tall as she is round, I love her to death but it's like talking to a brick wall. It really hurts, but just like someone couldn't have done the journey for me, I can't do the journey for them. They have to want to change.