FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We Have A Frickin' Winner!

I've been really busy this week with a few different things as well as work, but I wanted to make sure you all knew I picked a winner!!! Congratulations to Jill!! In response to my question, "What is a goal that you are working toward?", Jill replied:

"I suppose I have 2 goals that I am working on: 1. to lose weight and 2. running a half marathon in April. I suppose goal number 2 is helping me with goal number 1!"

Keep training and stay focused on your goals and I'm sure you will accomplish both, Jill! Check your e-mail for my notification so you can send me your address! This package will soon be on its way to you!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much! I feel so lucky lately. This will definitely help keep me moving and motivated to follow through with my goals.

    I can't wait to add some new tunes to run to! I am also excited for a new back up workout for rainy days. Plus, is it bad that I really don't want to share the balance bars with the family? :)