FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ok, now in the grand scheme of things, I had a perfectly fine day. I was able to work out for an hour on two strong legs that are going to carry me those damn 13.1 miles on Sunday, with a pair of healthy lungs to pant a bit through that hour on the arc trainer and a heart that was pumping blood through my entire body. It started out fine.

Then for some reason I dipped into the bag of barbecue potato chips while watching The Chew, which is probably the best show on daytime television now. I really should block any shows related to food, especially both Food Network and The Travel Channel. (Frickin' Man vs. Food is a killer!) After that the switch was turned on. I scarfed down a few Mallomars with a little peanut butter, for good measure. (They really should consider making a version of those!) After that I had to take my daughter to the library to meet up with friends and stop in RiteAid for a Runescape (an online game) subscription card. Of course I remembered telling the family about the candy corn M&M's that are on the shelves now, so I picked up a big bag of them, along with a single-serve Chunky bar and pb M&M's. I ate the Chunky bar on the way home. The M&M's are still in my pocket book, calling my name as we speak.

Thank God these things are SO expensive! I'm too cheap to keep them in the house regularly.

The candy corn M&M's are weird. If you like white chocolate, you might like them. They just taste artificial, unlike REAL candy corn, ha! But I still managed to stuff down my 1/2 cup. That was after dinner, which was roast pork with rice and beans, but I ate a lot less since I was surprisingly full. (I wonder why?) I am NOT surprised that I passed out on the couch before 9 pm. I didn't get to watch the debate, which I should have to get my kids to watch it since they have assignments based on the debate. There's that new-fangled web that allows them to watch it on the computer, so that's what we'll do.

So it was a bad eating day and I can only attribute it to 2 things: 1). Stress. I'm stressed about this race coming up, about driving the hour back and forth TWICE, once to the expo for race packet pick up and once for the actual race. I'm stressed out about the weather forecast for this race since all I see is 'showers' no matter what channel or website I look on. I'm stressed out about actually RUNNING 13.1 miles and what I'm going to feel like running it IN THE RAIN! 2). My period! Which means that you can add more stress to #1, since I CERTAINLY don't need to run 13.1 miles in the rain after driving back and forth to Nassau a few times WITH my period! I can see a few visits to the "port-o-lets" in my future on Sunday! GRRR!!!!


  1. We all have crappy food days, but you WILL kick butt this weekend! You've trained long and hard for this race and you are going to overcome all those obstacles!

  2. Good luck in your race this weekend - a bad food day can't derail all the good you've done!
    I love 'the Chew' too. I get to work at home a few days a week and I spend my lunch hour watching the show.