FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Two More Weeks, Plus

So, on the 24th I went back to the foot doctor after two weeks in the boot. He did new x-rays and decided I would be in the boot, non-weight-bearing, an additional three weeks, with another recheck on November 14th. THREE MORE WEEKS!!! He said two weeks ago I could walk in the boot and drive after just four weeks off of the foot. He's a filthy liar!!

Doc said I'm healing, but because it's a small bone with a weak blood supply he's being cautious. Just wonderful right? He also prescribed a suped up Vitamin D supplement to aid in the healing process. 50,000 IU, to be exact, to be taken once a week for four weeks. I asked him if there would be any nasty side effects with such a high dosage. He assured me there would not. If I get the shits from this and can't make it to the bathroom in time because I'm hobbling one foot there will be hell to pay!

It tasted fine...

Just a couple days hopping on crutches was torture to my upper body, especially my pits. My mom had a walker that has a seat, basket and convenient cup holder so my dad dropped it off for me to get around the house. It has been a life saver. I have reading materials in the basket and I'll put stuff in there to throw out or move from room to room. I'm able to perform household chores like cook, sweep, mop etc. It fits perfectly in my bathroom, which is just a tad bigger than a port o potty!

Betsy, almost as pretty a color as my PT Cruiser!

My sister lent me a portable commode for my bedroom upstairs. I have a bathroom upstairs but 1). we don't use it and 2). I also just wouldn't want to maneuver around near the stairs in the middle of the night, multiple times. Having to just hop out of bed to pee is very convenient! I may not return it! LOL Charlie would certainly stop emptying it, that's for sure.

Without being able to stand on two feet, I also needed a shower chair! Since my brother and father have had both of their hips replaced we have one of those in the family as well. That's one less task poor Charlie has to do although he *does* have to lug the thing into the bathtub for me. Poor guy.

Yesterday I received a text from my sister asking if I was home. Frigging wise ass. Anyway, she managed to get her hands on a knee scooter. It's definitely way kinder to my right hip since I don't have to lift it onto the walker seat if I want to scoot rather than hop all over the place, but it's a tad long and fast! I can zip from the front door to the living room doorway without taking out the moulding, but I can't pivot as well with it. Think 6-point turn as opposed to a quick swerve. However, I'm thinking I may be able to take the thing for an actual "walk" outside...

Just getting out of the house for something other than a doctor's appt would be nice!

I think I have just about every product I could possibly need to make life as convenient as possible with this injury. My friends and family have been great, helping with getting my daughter home from class, picking up some groceries when needed, and visiting, texting and calling to keep my spirits up. I've used online grocery shopping sites for big shops. It's so much more convenient and less time consuming walking up and down the aisles of a grocery store! It took me 3 hours to shop twice! It's a necessary evil because I refuse to add another chore to Charlie's already overflowing plate, and I'm glad it's an available service for those who just need it to live.

Facebook and the boob tube have gotten way too much of my time lately, but what else is there to do? I started reading the first 'The Walking Dead' compendium. I'm interested to see the difference from the show to the book. I'll stop after the second one since I don't want to get ahead of the tv show. I'm trying to keep my house as clean as possible, but I need someone to throw out the garbage and recyclables and put it to the curb. Laundry certainly can't be done alone. And I'm unable to drive, so I'm not working, which stresses me out.

I'm home all day, every day. I'm trying to stay as active as possible without making my situation worse. I am able to "work out" sitting down, but I would give anything to just take a walk in this great fall weather!! Seeing all my friends post about their fall race schedules makes me pine for a quick jog around the block, let alone a half marathon.

"Patience grasshopper." I know, I know.

What would you do with all this time on your hands???


  1. Wow I cannot imagine having to be stuck at home for so stinkin long! I'm sure the doctor only has your healing foot's best interest at heart while he's being cautious, but man that sucks. If I had all that time on my hands I would be switching between movies, books, quilting, knitting, crocheting, and online things a lot. I would have to keep changing activities to keep from going crazy! I haven't ready and newer posts yet, but I hope you were able to keep at least a little bit of your sanity!

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