Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February challenge Update

So, it's the 5th. The For The Love Of Fitness Challenge is going strong over on Facebook. My team is doing phenomenal. It doesn't hurt that when I told my FB friends about it, 4 of them jumped on board, starting us off with 24 bonus points. I love seeing everyone being active and trying to do well for themselves and their team. There's been lots of sweaty muscle shots posted along with some video footage of people walking, running and exercise DVD-ing . I plan on finally popping in some Insanity and getting a video done this morning. It's Insane Tuesday, where we were asked to post a silly picture or video, so it's only fitting that I share my love of Shawn T.. It's been a long while since I've seen him. Hope he recognizes me!

My husband and I have decided to run the Long Island Half Marathon on May 5th! This will be my 2nd half and Charlie's first! I can't wait to cross the finish line with him, but we have to get to training. Since Charlie works 6 days a week, there's not much time left for running. He did manage to run my 8 and 11 mile training runs before the Diva half, so he'll be giving up his Sunday mornings off for a run. We kicked off training with a trip to the gym over the weekend. He hasn't run since September, so he took it nice and slow, and he did great for not having run for four months, but got a frickin' blister. We'll have to look into his sock/shoe situation. Yesterday I got back on the treadmill and ran 4.11 in 40:00 with a 2 minute warm-up, averaging 6.2 mph. I did intervals at 6.5 mph, all the while keeping the incline at .5. I could definitely feel the difference in my legs. It made the run tough, but still do-able.

Here's he calf shot I shared with the group yesterday.

Life has been pretty much status quo. I worked one day last week and I'll be working one day this week. Just one day a week at least takes care of my grocery shopping, so two days a week would make me feel rich! Again, this is supposed to be the slow season for the photography studio, but because Hurricane Sandy muffed up their fall shoots, we're working. By the spring I should be working more regularly and maybe even SAVING money for the future slower season.

Did I just say "saving money"? HA! Saving money will probably be a long shot since my son will be heading into his senior year in September. It was a pretty big shock when he came home yesterday with his course selection for next year. How the hell did that happen? Where did all that time GO?!? My baby boy is almost out the door. Not sure how I feel about letting him go.


  1. awesome picture and legs! Looking HOT! Glad your team is doing well.

  2. I think it is awesome that Charlie will do the race with you. Part of me wants tom to do it with me but he really has no desire so....he will do Spartans and mud runs with me though but those are just fun :)

  3. LOVE that you are doing a run with your hubby! How awesome is that? I would totally cry at the finish line if Rambo did that with me. Good luck!

  4. So happy your challenge is going well. Your son's pic is adorable!!!

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster Award.

  6. Wow, look at those rocking legs- great calves! :D