FFTFL premiere

FFTFL premiere

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Frickin Fabulous at 41

It happened. I turned 41 on Thursday. It was like any other day, getting my kids up and out the door, going for a 3 mile run, bringing the little ones to the bus stop, spending some time with my husband before he had to head off to work, running to dance and karate... The only difference was my 2nd interview at 2pm.

The interview went well. It is going to be an all around tough job. The group home that I would be working at has residents that are some of the lowest functioning clients this program has. They will all need help with toileting and hygiene. Some are more mobile than others. Only one woman can hold a conversation with you. So not only will it be a physically demanding job, I'll have to get over dealing with adult diapering AND the very emotional toll it will take on me. I get so sad seeing those that are disabled or elderly. What I think this job will help me with is focusing on the positive aspects of these people's lives. They attend day-hab programs that keep them active and stimulated and even though they may have very little family interaction, they get great care and affection from the people that work there. I was honest in saying that I've changed a ton of diapers in my life, but never an adult, nor have I ever helped shower adults. I don't know many people that would have experience like that unless they worked as a home health aide or in a similar facility. I'll hear from human resources some time this week maybe as to whether or not I got the job.

My husband (hello dear!) worked late on my birthday and he surprised me with a double chocolate Entenmann's cake, a card and a beautifully wrapped box. This summer I started wearing one of the anklets he bought me, so he picked out a new one. I didn't expect anything since we've had so many expenses recently between back to school and our family weddings. The best part? The thing I always look forward to when it's a holiday or special occasion? Charlie always writes something special and heart-felt in my cards. He always brings me to tears. Just thinking about it gets me choked up. He wrote "I want you to know I am your biggest fan and I'm super proud of you." It's so nice to hear that. I love my Charlie.

Since we couldn't go out on Thursday, we ate out last night. We rarely go out to eat, so it's nice to not have to prepare dinner and clean up after it. I chose Ruby Tuesdays because I think we have beaten the Chinese restaurant horse to death. I enjoyed my grilled chicken sandwich with swiss and bacon thoroughly! They had a lot of healthy side dish choices, like grilled zucchini, which was delicious. I was afraid to go hog wild and eat just anything because I had my 10k this morning. The last thing I needed was the grippers out on the 6.2 mile course!

So it was the second annual Hampton Bays Lions Club Over The Bridge 10k. You hit the bridge at about mile 2. Would you believe that bridge is a mile long and incredibly steep? I guess you can tell by looking at the picture. The wind that was whipping off the Atlantic did not help at all (except for my perspiration issue!).

I tried drafting behind some guy, but that was a joke. You couldn't hide from the wind. I just tried to listen to my tunes and stay positive. Any person that was cheering from the sidelines I was high-fiving. I needed that "umph." What a difference a week makes. Coming off what felt like a terrible race at the Smith point Bridge 5k (that bridge is a mere speed bump compared to the Ponquogue!) to running this 10k and setting a PR of 59:55!!! I did it! I got her done in under 60! Last year's time was 1:04! A tad more than 4 minutes off my time! I came in 107/143 runners and 13/18 in the women aged 40-49 category. There were some seriously fast runners out there today!

So 41 has come in with a bang. Now on to the half marathon 3 weeks from tomorrow!!


  1. Great job! That looks like a huge hill to me! Congrats on beating your time:)

  2. Happy (belated) birthday!!!! :-)

    Great job on the time.. with that bridge and everything. Amazing!

    The job you applied for, wow. Sounds like very hard work (on so many levels), but if anyone can pull it off, it's you!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Good luck and I hope you get the job. You would be great at that.

    My grandma is in a nursing home with a form of Parkinsons. She is literally freezing to death. She can no longer move anything but her head a bit side to side and now her speech is starting to go. It is really hard because her mind is still there. She can only really just sit back and observe life. It takes someone really special to be able to deal with and help people like her so Bless you and I hope you get good news soon!

  4. Happy Birthday and congrats on your new PR! That bridge looks like a beast! I HATE hills - but I force myself to do them.

    I hope you get good news about the job - it does sound like a real challenge, but I'm sure you will find it rewarding too.

  5. Happy birthday and great job at the 10K. That job sounds super challenging. But folks like that need good and compassionate people working and I'm sure that you'd be really great at it.

  6. Way to PR that race!!! And Happy Birthday to you!! Fricken Fabulous at 41 girl!!

    Are you running the hamptons half? I was supposed to last year but of course the surgery got int he way...but I have friends running it this year.

    Apparently my feel from the medicine wasn't an allergic reaction, which I think they were suspecting at first...just wierd side effects from how my body was responding to the locals. I felt like it was swelling...but it wasn't...wierd! But, I was very relaxed through it all becasue i was feeling sososo good ;) Let's see what Tuesday brings...

    Let me know what local races you are doing soon...maybe I could sneak out a 5K if I start feeling better...

    1. I'm scheduled to do the Diva Half on 10/7 and then the Dash To The Finish Line 5k on 11/3, the day before the NYC Marathon. It ends at the same finish line! I think that's it for this year, unless I decide to do something later, like a "Reindeer dash" or something like that!